Malin Hedström
HELLDIVERS: Masters Of The Galaxy first intel

Fellow HELLDIVERS, heroes of Super Earth,

A new threat of unprecedented magnitude has emerged!

Enemy Master units have been located on certain planets in each region. We have discovered that these new units move tactically and you will need to strike fast once you encounter one, or the opportunity is lost. To increase our chances of mission success, Super Earth will only send in HELLDIVERS above a certain rank to meet this superior enemy.

Super Earth Command has been able to retrieve some initial visuals thanks to the first exceptionally brave HELLDIVER scouts on the front line.

helldivers cyborg siege mech 2 helldivers illuminate great eye 1 helldivers bug hive lord

We remember and salute those fallen comrades who never made it back, but sacrificed themselves to bring us intel and put us one step ahead in our fight for freedom!

Liberating the galaxy from this new threat is each and every citizen’s responsibility. We welcome you to bring both friends and family to your nearest recruitment centre for training.

With the experience that all HELLDIVERS have been gathering, we expect to be able to dispatch troops to these new planets in July. More information to follow once Super Earth Command have fully assessed the situation.

Helldivers Masters of the Galaxy

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Malin Hedström
Arrowhead partners with Swedish Game Awards 2015

As main partners to Swedish Game Awards this year, we are excitedly waiting for the Finals days and the Gala announcing the winners this upcoming Tuesday!

We started our own story in 2008 by winning Swedish Game Awards with our early 2D version of Magicka, which became Game of the Year. Now it only feels right to go full circle and give back to where we came from.

It seems both not very long ago, and a lifetime away that we were up on that stage, newborn game developers shaking of surprise and not understanding what had just happened.
Let us present you with a recently resurfaced (and tiny bit embarrassing) video of the event! (this time it’s all in Swedish but hopefully Youtube’s subtitles will help a bit)

I believe winning Swedish Game Awards and the fantastic boost we got from the encouraging comments from both judges and established game developers was a huge factor in starting Arrowhead Game Studios.

The Magicka of those days was very different from what we released in 2011. It was fully 2D, slower paced but crazy hardcore. You could not move while conjuring elements, and every element was created by drawing a more or less complicated symbol with the controller stick.

The Magicka from days of old, 2008

Magicka 2009-08-27
Magicka has turned 3D, 2009

And of course the final version of 2011 we know and love

The competition this year has been tough as always, but our very own Helldivers Game Designer, Patrik Lasota, was on hand to help make the decision as part of the judges panel.
At the SGA Conference we also had Patrik and Rob Tatnell (Art Director for Gauntlet) give talks about their line of work and all the ins and outs of working in a developer studio.

You can see Patrik’s wonderful talk here on designing for co-op and Rob’s inspiring talk on visual FX here.


The final event for the Swedish Game Awards 2015 is taking place soon, on June 16th. During the day there is the Expo showing off all of this year’s contestants, and visitors can also vote for the winner of Gamer’s Choice.
If you have time and are in Stockholm why not join us? Arrowhead will be around at the Expo, and you can find more details about the event on the SGA website.

But don’t fear, if you’re one of the other 6 billion people in the world that don’t happen to be in Stockholm for the awards you can always watch the livestream which starts on the evening the 16th, at 19 CEST!

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Malin Hedström
HELLDIVERS Patch Notes 2.01


You have been fighting bravely for freedom, ever increasing the reach of democracy to the outer edges of the galaxy. After the setback of the last war, your renewed efforts are truly showing.
Super Earth Command is ever vigilant and have addressed the latest issues you have run into during the current war.

Here is the latest campaign update (Patch 2.01).


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Malin Hedström
Regarding Magicka 2

Hi everybody,

There has been some confusion whether Arrowhead is involved or not in the creation of Magicka 2. We have had no part in the design or development of the game, and any questions should be redirected to Paradox Interactive.

It is however exciting to see that Paradox and Pieces have taken the game in their own direction, and are continuing to develop the generic fantasy world™ we put so much love and dedication into creating.

We just received keys and are looking forward to finally playing the game!

© Paradox Interactive
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Emil Englund
Gauntlet – It’s alive!

Gauntlet fans,

I know that you have been in the dark for a while now, possibly thinking that we were concentrating all our efforts on other things.

I am here to tell you that this is not the case and that the team has been tirelessly working on the game. We have big improvements and a few new features coming up for Gauntlet! Something which we know a lot of you were crying out for.

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Malin Hedström
HELLDIVERS Turns up the Heat today!

With your help and determination the 1st Galactic War was won, then the enemies of freedom retaliated and we were forced to find a new home. New Super Earth is safe… for now.

But how can we stand by while so many still suffer under the burden of independence, outside the democracy and justice that Super Earth brings? We have a responsibility as human beings, to liberate once more.

So today we announce a new expansion in the war against terror, because freedom has no bounds.

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Malin Hedström
HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat – Environment

Monday. You gotta have something nice to watch on Mondays. Therefore we offer you the last video in this developer feature series, and after this you should have a pretty good picture of what’s contained in the free update.

The third video is all about the new environment and some other goodies being added with HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat.

So re-enlist today because the countdown has started!

Tomorrow evening (CET) we’re also aiming to stream Turning Up The Heat. We’ll be back with time!


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Malin Hedström
HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat – Enemies

It’s Saturday afternoon (well, in central Europe anyway), and what better time to give you a bit more HELLDIVERS action, before you head off to your parties and whatnot.

Here’s the second dev feature video, where Patrik Lasota shows off the new enemy types being added with HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat.

Go out into the galaxy and refresh you skills in spreading freedom. In just a few days we believe Super Earth will need you once again!


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HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat – Objectives

This Friday we have a bit more than just a teaser to whet you apetite for the VERY SOON upcoming, free content expansion to HELLDIVERS: Turning up the Heat.

In this first dev feature video, designer Patrik Lasota gives you a quick walkthrough of the new objectives being added to the HELLDIVERS universe.

Within a couple of days we will have the next video out, featuring more of the new content.

Stay alert and join the renewed fight against the destructive forces of the universe.


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HELLDIVERS Patch Notes 1.04


The latest campaign update (Patch 1.04) is just in: Super Earth Command have addressed a number of issues which you have run into during the war, and it also includes some fresh intel on our enemies of freedom and democracy.


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