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What an overwhelmingly excited response we’ve gotten from the HELLDIVERS release date announcement!

To answer a bunch of your most pressing questions we’ve put together this Q&A with the most common ones. Have a look if yours has been answered and if not, feel free to ask it in the link provided in the bottom.

We will keep updating this Q&A with any question that we can reply to.

Arrowhead Game Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Hardcore, cooperative, twin stick shooter.

Release date:
March 3 – US, March 4 – EU, March 5 – Asia.


PS3, PS4 and VITA systems.

Dev team size:
Around 10-12 people.

$19.99, cross-buy.

Why was it delayed?
As you’ve all noticed, the first tentative plans of a summer release were replaced with ‘it’ll be done when it’s done’. As the game grew in quality and complexity, so did Sony’s eagerness to support our quest for the Best Game Ever™. Helldivers needed cooler stratagems, more weapons, better enemies, richer worlds, more choices! But with more complexity comes also a higher barrier to understanding the game. The testers all reported the same thing: Helldivers now needed a seriously improved tutorial and user interface.

Then there was the issue of getting the game to run smoothly on the VITA. Quite a challenge with a small team that hasn’t touched the platform before and with many small things to optimize.
We’re happy to say the game is massively improved from what it would have been during summer. Now we’re excited to the point of bursting to finally release Helldivers to all of you!

Will there be a pre-order?
This is still to be announced. We will update as soon as we can.

Will Helldivers offer Cross-Play?
Yes, between PS4, PS3 and VITA, with full Cross-Save and Cross-Chat.

Will it have local multiplayer or only online play?
Helldivers offers 4-player local and online co-op multiplayer, and any combination in between (except for the Vita which doesn’t really support local co-op since it only has one controller). You can have two on the PS4, one on the PS3 and one on the PS VITA for example.

Can you drop in and out?
Yes, at any time another player can join the action. Just don’t stand under their Hellpods.

Will it have friendly fire?
In true Arrowhead spirit, Helldivers features full “friendly” fire, allowing you to “accidentally” kill your friends, again.

Is Vita ad hoc mode supported?
No, but PS4 remote play and PS4 sharing is.

Will it support Playstation TV?
Not from release but further details are not decided.

Is it running at 60fps on PS4?
We are targeting 60fps on PS4 and targeting 30fps on PS3 and Vita.

Will it have a Platinum trophy?

Will there be a Beta before release?
No. But we’ll be happy to deliver you a full experience from the start instead, playing a polished game with everyone else. No risk of growing tired of the game before it’s even done. Much better than a beta! ;)

Will Helldivers be released on PC or Xbox?
There are no plans for other platforms right now, but we will keep you updated if there are any news.

What enemies will you face?
There are of course the space Bugs, a crustacean-like race of varying sizes and types. Then we have the Cyborg nation, a race of bionically augmented separatists with heavy armor and weapons. But we want to keep some of the surprise until you play the game! :)

Is there any character customization? Are there female characters?
You will unlock new equipment and gear as you rise in ranks. There are not only female Helldivers, there are male too!

Is there a single player offline mode?
You can play the game offline with 1-4 local players. However when played offline, mission progress will not contribute to the global galactic campaign.

What is the galactic campaign?
By playing Helldivers, every player in the world participates in a global meta campaign called the Galactic Campaign. Each time a player completes a planet their progress is uploaded and their contribution to the Galactic Campaign will be registered. From time to time, the enemy will try to counterattack, spawning events where you have to defend a city planet from invading enemies. These events give double experience, and should the community fail to defend a planet, the region will be lost. Each Galactic Campaign lasts 4-6 weeks and the challenge of the campaign is dependent on the performance of the entire community in the previous campaign.

How do you plan to support Helldivers after launch? Will there be Downloadable Content or micro transactions?
The after-launch support has not yet been decided, but as with Magicka we do want to support the game with various updates in the coming year. It all depends on what happens after release, if people want more different enemies to fight – that may be what we’re aiming for. Helldivers is not a game of micro transactions.

Wasn’t your question answered? Feel free to Ask more questions here.

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Malin Hedström


Arrowhead Game Studios in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today signed the Declaration of War between Super Earth and the intergalactic alien threat.


With immediate effect from March 3rd, 2015, Helldivers are to be dispatched to the front lines of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita systems.

The Federation has decided that the bug threat has become too great. Senator John W. Killjoy declared that “The bugs have been a plague in this galaxy for far too long, they must now be eradicated before they spread to other worlds.”
With the Helldiver troops spearheading the assault we are confident of success.



All hopes lie within the success of the Helldivers; the only chance for the survival of Super Earth, expect an action-packed, cross-play, all-out shooter.

As part of the elite unit, in the upcoming weeks we will provide further information about how YOU can prepare for this threat.



Make sure you are prepared to #SpreadDemocracy when March 3rd arrives.

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Tuesday Tips: A Sound Designer’s portfolio

So for a while now we’ve been asking you guys to send in your questions to us via our Facebook post (don’t hesitate to send more!). Due to the quality and nature of the questions we have decided to split them up into different topics, so each week we can give them the attention and detail which they deserve. This week’s topic is sound and the question is:

How would you describe a good portfolio for a Sound Designer?

Firstly there is no completely right or wrong way to showcase a portfolio since all are unique and personal, but there are tips and tricks you can follow to showcase your portfolio to the best of its abilities.

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The Mysterious Delivery!

The office was abuzz this week with a mysterious delivery. Like cats to boxes we gathered around the large package on the table which took two people to lift up. Much “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” commenced as we began opening the delivery cautiously (we expected the worst – like a giant glitter bomb – since some members of this office have a very weird sense of humour). Lo and behold it was revealed to be six huge crates of Lego!

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Fresh Meat


Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I am the new communications intern at Arrowhead, a.k.a the latest working peon to join the ranks. With some very exciting happenings going on at the Arrowhead Studios in the upcoming few months you will be hearing a lot more from me – I will be bringing you all the latest thrilling announcements, hot news and much, much more so keep watching this space! View full post…

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Rob Tatnell
Artist Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Internet People!

My name’s Rob, I’m an Art Director here at Arrowhead. We get a lot of applications for artist positions, and I’m the guy who usually sits down and reviews them. It takes quite a bit of time, and there are some things I see again and again from people applying. I thought I’d pour out some of my thoughts onto the Internet about what I feel are do’s and don’ts when applying for an art job. Others may disagree with what I’ve written here, and that’s totally cool; like I say, these are just my thoughts. To make things interesting, I’ve made some animated gifs for you too, hoorah. View full post…

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Malin Hedström
We’re back! (We weren’t really gone though.)

A brand new year! Doesn’t 2015 sound so much more future than 2014? Isn’t it time for travels to Mars, exoskeletons, food in pill form and hoverboards? We think it’s a great year for releasing games. Maybe a sci-fi future game would be nice.

We’re all at the office again with a running start. It seems this year’s bonus holiday has gotten everyone all fired up to get going with new things and we’ve done great progress in this week alone.
We’ve taken measures to improve the office and workspace for everyone as well as started working on defining what Arrowhead really is and how we will work from here. These are exciting times and we will continue sharing news and our vision with you during the year.
And on top of that it’s Friday! What could possibly go wrong?

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Malin Hedström
Happy New 2015! —Arrowhead style

A very happy 2015 to you all! Let’s make sure this year is an even better one than the last. We are getting ready for many improvements and new things and hope to share them all with you duing the year.

We asked everyone to send in a picture of their celebration, no matter how or where in the world. Here’s the collection, for your enjoyment!

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Malin Hedström
A Silly Yule from Arrowhead

We all wish you a wonderful yuletime and holiday with family and friends! We hope we may enlighten your 2015 with more fun, challenging co-op games.


A greeting to all of you, from almost all of us at the office: View full post…

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Malin Hedström
Galactic Extranet Broadcast: Helldivers

[Message has been adjusted and approved by The Galactic Department of Corrected Transmissions]


15.12.2084 13:30 S.E. Central Time

NEW STOCKHOLM, Super Earth.– –Greetings fellow citizens of Super Earth™. To encourage and inspire you in the wait to join the fight for democracy we are sharing this message about the current development status and some recent additions. View full post…

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