Regarding Magicka 2

Hi everybody,

There has been some confusion whether Arrowhead is involved or not in the creation of Magicka 2. We have had no part in the design or development of the game, and any questions should be redirected to Paradox Interactive.

It is however exciting to see that Paradox and Pieces have taken the game in their own direction, and are continuing to develop the generic fantasy world™ we put so much love and dedication into creating.

We just received keys and are looking forward to finally playing the game!

© Paradox Interactive
  • Vidya Wasi

    Why did you abandon Magicka? :'(

    • Like with all games, the development on Magicka came to an end. Since Paradox Interactive own the Magicka IP, it is up to them how they want to continue with the brand :)

      • Luke

        Magicka 2 sucked big time. Such a disappointment. :/