Arrowhead is hiring a ton of Artists!

Wow! What a crazy time it’s been over here at Arrowhead recently! We’ve shipped both Gauntlet and Helldivers, and they’re out in the wild putting smiles on peoples faces and pushing friendships to their limits.

So that means we’re starting work on something new; and by golly, this new thing’s freakin’ amazing! Seriously.
We’re taking the next step with the studio now, going into the realm of bigger projects and raising the bar of quality in our games, while retaining all of the Arrowhead spirit and core values.

What does this all mean? Well; it means we’re hiring! Big time. If you’re an artist, who’s talented, experienced, passionate and down-right fantastic then get your browser over to our jobs page to start applying.

With all the new faces heading to the studio we’re going to need some more seats; so as well as starting a mind-blowingly cool project we’re also expanding and renovating our office space. Not only will we fit everyone in, we’re going to fit them in to the most comfiest, shiniest and wonderfullest place ever. It’s going to be, well, wonderful!

They’re very exciting times over here and oh my how they’re going to get even more exciting in the coming months.

So what are you waiting for!? Come join us!