Liberty Day live streaming, gifts and challenges!


Thank you for everyone who took part in our challenges and who watched us on the stream. We had a really great time and hope to do it with you all again very soon!

Big congratulations to the winners of our challenges, we can see there was a lot of effort put in! If you could private message us on the Arrowhead Facebook account with your addresses we can send the prizes your way!


Challenge #1   Show us how you celebrate Liberty Day!

What: It’s simple – we want to see how you are celebrating Liberty Day. Send in your best pictures to commemorate the occassion! It can be on the couch with your friends, drinking a nice cup of Liber-tea, your dog shooting lazers…whatever, anything goes!

Winners: Everyone who submitted a picture for this…we just couldn’t decide! :)

Nico Skellington


Charles Burkett


Jakub Bednarczyk


Ronald May


David Acevedo


Brandon Hasbrouck



Challenge #2   Don’t be that guy…

What: For fun, name that follower. You know the one…the one that always messes up, or gets stuck, or generally does something stupid. What on earth is he called?

Winner: Peter McHale with Harry Up

Runner-Up: Kenneth Rönnback with Waldo


Challenge #3   So, why is Liberty Day on the 26th anyway?

What: We want your best conspiracy theories! Why have we chosen the 26th? What reason could we possibly be hiding?

Winner: Ian McCourt

“I believe the super awesome novel, Starship Troopers, was published on Oct. 26th 1959. Since it is clear that the novel and movie mean so much to the team, shown through the awesome achievement names like “You’re it until your dead, or I find someone better” and other movie quotes, it seems fitting to hold Liberty Day on the 26th.”

Runner-Up: Ryan Newman

“I have an irl answer, I’m guessing Oct 26 is the day the alpha version was considered feature complete. And an in universe answer, the day the Managed Democracy peace treaty was signed and all of Super Earth came under one rule.”

Congratulations guys! If you could private message us on the Arrowhead Facebook account with your addresses we can send the prizes your way! Thank you for everyone who took part!


Challenge #4   Helldivers ascii art!

What: Because why not!

Winner: Peter McHale

  ========/ @ @ \========
      ======= \ .. /=======


Runner-Up: Jakub Bednarczyk




Challenge #5   Epic Screenshot!

What: Any heroic moment. Any cool screenshots. It’s a what-ever-goes category!

Winner: Steve Velasco


Runner-Up: Jakub Bednarczyk



Liberty Day is just around the corner, and boy do we have some surprises for you on Monday! But more details about that next week!

In celebration of this glorious day we want to play with you guys, the community, and spread as much Democracy as possible. We aim to live stream for the majority of Monday, with lots of different devs from Arrowhead playing – some good, some bad! We are hoping that you guys can teach us a trick or two, hopefully putting us to shame! (Please be nice ;_;)

helldivers-happy-liberty-dayWe will be using voice chat and ask that anyone joining us in game do too (or how else can we talk to you?). There will also be someone in the Twitch chat room most of the time, so feel free to ask us fun questions (but we won’t be able to discuss our new secret project unfortunately. It is, after all, secret!). We welcome anything fun and silly and it’s a good chance to get to know some of the different personalities at the studio. Let’s have a casual game like friends!

Find our user Arrowhead_Plays on PSN and you will see our new official PS4 community HELLDIVERS by Arrowhead.
Feel free to join and in the meantime we’ll figure out the best way to share news and arrange this event. We’re a little new to the streaming business so bear with us.

Here’s our Twitch channel where it all will happen.

During the streaming will we be giving away a few prizes when the fancy takes us. I know a lot of you wanted to get your hands on some cool merchandise, so here’s your chance! To win there will be a number of different themed challenges and the best one will win in that specific time frame!

Prizes may be things like pins, PS4 controller light stickers and the Best Coasters Ever


    Where is beginning StandardTime’s country? is Sweden?
    (Why I ask this : when Korea is TuesDay, then Sweden is Monday.)

    • Starting around lunch CET and we will keep going for the entire Sweden workday.

      • ELTIKEI

        Thank you for answer, happy liberty day~

  • Sacramento Sharkie Noguez Jr.

    Is it gonna be enough for all players to join u or only few limited players ? ;)

    • We can’t guarantee everyone will get a chance to play since many may want to join, but we will try and include as many as possible, and anyone can still watch the stream and participate in the challenges.

  • Slizarus

    Yes please tell us what time it’s starting :) I’m excited, hopefully I dive into one of the team’s games.

  • Sylphyn

    Happy Liberty Day is there any patch on that day?

  • Mattie Forte

    No content dlc ? :( I had my wallet ready

  • HeStoleMySocks

    Will PS3 users be available to participate in the event (Play with developers, win prizes, etc.) or is this primarily for the PS4 community?

    • We will try and include people from all the systems both in play and competitions!

  • Thorsten Simons

    I want the Pin so bad :(

  • We will try and play from around lunchtime CET and keep going our entire workday and maybe a bit more if people are up for it!
    Google for the page worldtimebuddy and you can add different time zones as well as your own for a very easy tool to keep track of the time =)

    • Slizarus

      4 AM PST then, sounds good, see you then :) Are there going to be different games going (AHGS people in different matches)? or is the streamer the only one playing/worth trying to find? Just curious, I hope I can find you guys before I go to bed.

  • Bug No673

    Will there be a Liberty Day patch or DLCs? I’ve been waiting for so long. I want it so much. Please? Will it come out at least on this week?

    • The patch is already live now! :)

    • Bug No673

      HELL YEAHH!! Just got the patch! Now waiting for DLCs!
      Happy Liberty Day!!

  • Jonben19

    Are there any DLCs?

  • JonBen19


  • HeStoleMySocks

    Oh my goodness! Another new DLC, in fact, there are TWO new DLCs!

  • HeStoleMySocks

    Oh my! New DLC, in fact, there are TWO new DLC!

    • HeStoleMySocks

      They’re on ArrowheadGS’ YouTube channel.

  • Mattie Forte

    So happy with the new DLC! Instantly played all day and bought. My wallet is always open to you guys. Beautiful game.

    • Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

  • Mattie Forte

    Oh yeah btw was the dlc the “Hush hush” project? :p if so thanks!

  • Steve Velasco

    Hi arrowhead, pls make a helldivers themes for the vita? Hehehehe

  • Vincent King

    Does anyone know how big the current update is for it?

  • cusman

    The price of freedom is eternal support #LibertyDay2016

  • BigBaddie

    Liberty day is comin up; hope we can get to see the Command centre spice something up for us brave soldiers of Super Warth!