HELLDIVERS Launches for PC on Steam!

Citizens of SUPER-EARTH,

We bring you amazingly exciting news today: Arrowhead and Super Earth Command welcomes PC HELLDIVERS to join the fight for Liberty and Democracy!

HELLDIVERS™ PC will be released via Steam this December 2015 and will include all three free expansions, up to and including HELLDIVERS™: Democracy Strikes Back. Additionally, DLC will also be available for purchase for PC users.

Click here for the Steam Store page

Johan Pilestedt, CEO and Game Director for HELLDIVERS™ says:

“We are thrilled to be releasing HELLDIVERS™: Democracy Strikes Back on PC – our fourth game so far – and for the platform which we first started developing games on.

We have done our very best to ensure that the game will feel as good as possible when played on PC. With a wide range of graphic options, rebindable keys and an added text chat, we hope that we will meet the expectations which players have of a PC title.”


We have received so much support from the community already, and feel very happy and privileged to welcome even more new players into the Helldivers universe. We hope that many more people get the chance to experience Freedom, Liberty and Democracy for themselves!

We will soon release more information about all details regarding the launch of HELLDIVERS™ on Steam so keep your eyes on this website.

Welcome to the HELLDIVERS, new recruits!