HELLDIVERS PC launch date announced, Pre-order today!

Greetings recruits!

Today Arrowhead and Super Earth Command welcomes all PC users to sign up for the fight for Liberty and Democracy by joining the HELLDIVERS.

From today, HELLDIVERS™ is available to pre-order on Steam, with the official release set to December 7th.

Pre-order HELLDIVERS™ on Steam NOW!

These options are available for those who pre-order HELLDIVERS™:

  • HELLDIVERS™ Vanguard gives you the Game + Pre-Release Weekend Access on December 4th + Ranger DLC (unlocked on December 7th)
  • HELLDIVERS™ Digital Deluxe gives you the Game + Pre-Release Weekend Access on December 4th + All DLC (unlocked on December 7th)

HELLDIVERS™ PC on Steam will include all three free expansions, up to and including HELLDIVERS™: Democracy Strikes Back.


Our safety depends on everyone doing their duty. Liberating the galaxy is no single individual’s responsibility – but ask yourself: What can YOU do for Super Earth?

we remind you – freedom never sleeps

Welcome to the HELLDIVERS, new recruits!


  • Muts

    Crossplay PC and PS4/Vita?

    • No cross-play between PlayStation and PC, sorry!

  • Ali Nishaz Didi

    I know that there won’t be any cross play between PC and PS players, but would the PC players’ war progress contribute to the Galactic Campaign? It seems that the players are struggling with the wars lately. So it would be pretty neat if the Galactic Campaign is impacted by both PC and PS players meaning that both PC and PS players’s contributions in their warfronts goes towards a single Galactic Campaign.

    • Yes! Both PlayStation and PC players all contribute to the same Galactic Campaign :)

  • Mattie Forte

    Can we hope for future dlc? Maybe a special PC release gun / cape that I can double dip and also purchase on ps4. I’m obsessed with this and fallout 4. Been a day one player! I hope this does well so we can hope for new weapons, maps, capes and modes / strats. I blue laser shotgun and auto rifle would be sweet.

    • We don’t have any information on upcoming DLC, but we always try to announces news as soon as possible if anything were to happen! :)

  • Ivan_Danko

    Can Arrowhead comment about Steam pricing for Russia? Right now its 1299/1884 rubles for standart/deluxe, and its insane price for that kind of game. Fallout 4 is 1999 rubles, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide 499 rubles, for comparison sake. Can we expect adequate price (for RU region) before release? Sorry for bad english.

    • Hello, unfortunately we can’t comment as Arrowhead do not set any prices or take part in the game sales. You would need to ask your question to Sony or Steam :(

      • Little update: I have passed on this information to Sony :)

        • xirit64

          It’s not only about Russia, Euro Tier 2 (=poor countries) suffer the same!

  • Twitch Caliburst89

    Day One PS4 owner and platinum holder, love the game so far and still! can you guys considered to let us choose our own color customization or at least get more colors since we all are yellow (although there is some orange and blue but it’s not diversified enough) on your next patch?

    • Hello, Firstly thanks for the support! We do try to keep the Helldivers as “one unit” and have minimal customization available as a conscious design choice. We don’t want Helldivers to turn into an army of multicolored rainbows! So it is unlikely that there will be much more diversification from how they look today :)

  • Abcron Nopeba

    If I buy Helldivers on PC, will I be able to carry over my stats from Playstation, or will I have to make a new account and start over?

    • Progression will not transfer over – sorry! :(

  • Mantaray

    No 4-pack on steam? seams like a missed opportunity….

    • We are trying to see what we can do and will announce anything in the future if it goes ahead :)

  • Fred

    Already own this on PS4 but I’ll definitely be grabbing it on PC as well, can’t wait.

  • Romual

    When will early access start? I mean time, not date.

  • Kevin

    just checked… pre ordered deluxe edition in December and it’s the 4th… 8 am wanted to preload for after work and I can’t. Whats the score here guys

  • Meng Wang

    Is there any plan on selling the DLCs separately? I can persuade my friend to buy the basic game but I think eventually they’l want the LAS-16 :)

    • I’m not completely 100% sure as we ourselves don’t set the store items, but I think there’s a strong possibility you will be able to purchase smaller DLC packs :) You should be able to see the DLC today when Steam updates later on.

      • Meng Wang

        Great! I’ll be on look out for that. Thanks!

  • Can pc and ps4 players co-op together?

    • Saw someone already asked this, sorry!

    • Rafael Piccinelli

      It would be awesome. there are way more ps4 players than PC. I don’t know why but on steam hub there are 4k+ players playing, but there are like 5 rooms with 2/4 players.

      • Yeah it’s a shame because there are a few people I know who are interested in playing with people who already own a console copy.

  • Maybe Lee Chun Yuan

    i already bought Digital Deluxe pack, How to unlock it? 0_0

    • The DLC should unlock today (when it’s officially released). Just waiting on Steam in your region :)

  • Jonathan Cox

    I want to ask whether Steam will make a 4 pack sale of this game, my friends and I really want to play this game too X__X