Helldivers nominated twice for the DICE Awards

Now that we are back from the cold winter vacation and the studio is up and running again like usual, boy do we have some exciting news to tell you all.

Firstly HELLDIVERS has been nominated not once, but TWICE in the 19th Annual DICE Awards! The categories in which we are nominated are for the “Best Action” and “Best Handheld” game.

dice_awards_stage-1.0For anyone who is not familiar with DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain), the DICE Awards have “recognized games, individuals and development teams which have contributed to the advancement of the worldwide entertainment software industry” since 1996. Ooh, fancy!

HELLDIVERS face stiff competition this year from games in both categories, but our fingers are crossed tightly while we anxiously await the results…

In our next piece of studio news we have now welcomed four shiny new members to the Arrowhead family, with a fifth member arriving next week. Say hello to our brand new artists Magnus, Viktor, Oskar and Max, with Jonas being the fifth member to join the chaos on Monday.


…Aaaand this is what we expect them to look like after a couple of months here at Arrowhead!


In true Arrowhead style they have already signed up to our after work beer and gaming night where they will fight to the death and oppose our current Arrowhead champions in Left4Dead and Dota. However, therein lies an interesting dilemma… do they beat us and earn our respect, or do they lose and keep their new jobs? Decisions, decisions!

Despite the influx of new faces to the team our recruitment search is not yet over! If you are a talented FX artist with some industry experience (or know of anyone who is!), then check out our jobs page and send in an application. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


With all these new bodies around the studios it’s probably a good thing our office renovation and move will soon commence underway. Pictures of that to come later!