A Helldivers’ Journey So Far…

Today SUPER EARTH COMMAND is releasing a Managed list of War statistics. Its purpose is to bring hope and to inspire more citizens of Super Earth to enlist in the elite unit which is the Helldivers. War Duration

It looks like the Helldivers are even more efficient than SUPER EARTH COMMAND anticipated. We have managed to eliminate the Alien Threats during the last War in one third of the time it took than during the longest War, War 4! Good job, Soldiers.

We have also managed to gather record numbers of fresh enlistees thanks to new recruitment strategies. The combined forces of PlayStation Helldivers, along with their PC brothers-in-arms, proved as effective as bug spray. Bugs beware.Helldivers Enlists

With this new found courage and surge of new recruits, morale was high and we succeeded to beat back the Alien Scumbags to their very own home worlds, finally overthrowing them. A tremendous amount of enemies were slain by the sheer firepower of the Helldivers. Hoorah! Many missions ended in success…alas, many not so. At least with every death accuracy rates saw a significant improvement. It’s a good job those Helldivers numbers were high.Enemies KilledMissionsShots FiredNot only must we praise and encourage the Helldivers, we must also remember to commemorate all those who lost their lives protecting Super Earth from the Alien Scum which threaten our peace and Democracy. Liberty lasts a lifetime, no matter how short that lifetime may be.

Helldivers Deaths

As you can see for yourselves, the War figures are looking very promising indeed…share these amazing statistics with friends and enlist TODAY! Protect your’s and your family’s Freedom!