What do YOU want on our website?

Good Friday everyone!

This week we have a short and sweet update for you all.

In every free moment, me and Lucy are working to polish our fresh new webpage to a shine (we don’t have enough free moments though). All the basics and new functionality is there but it needs more interesting material, better pictures, and more fun and informative stuff for you guys.
Do you remember the crummy old page? Have a look at the difference!

Here’s the old VS new landing page of both sites

The old VS new games sections. We didn’t have many images before…

Something else that’s really nice is that we now have a proper Blog page where you can easily browse old posts in different categories or from a specific time period. Try it our for yourself!

This time around the page is also fully functional on mobile devices and different sizes of screens, instead of the previous solution where we would just cram everything in a narrow column in the middle to fit small screens. Feel free to try it out on all your gadgets and let us know if you should run into any trouble, and we’ll get it fixed.

Our colour palette is created with a nordic feel, resembling snowy winter hues and a touch of the aurora.


Some changes we’re rolling out next:

  • More images from all our games
  • Deeper insight into who we are, what we do, and who works here
  • Cool timeline of our entire history
  • In depth info and useful resources for the games
  • Goodies for the fans like wallpapers, model renders and sound clips
  • Lots of photos
  • Many ways for you to interact with us

Now, we would like to hear from You about what you’re missing or finding unclear on our site. Please tell us in the comments!