Helldivers CAPE Competition – Winners announced!

The lucky winners are now announced in bottom

Do you have what it takes to proudly wear the Helldivers cape? Do you want to spin around like a true hero of the galaxy? Of course you do! Read on for our competition details of how you can get a hold of your very own Helldivers cape…

The Prize:

To celebrate the last week of Helldivers being on PS+ this February we invite everyone (yes, PC Divers are of course welcome too!) to take part in naming Super Earth’s very own leap year day, just for fun.

We will be having a raffle draw on the 1st of March (which will be recorded and uploaded) of us pulling out a PlayStation Diver’s entry and a PC Diver’s entry. The lucky two Helldivers will then have an awesome cape posted to them immediately!


How to Enter:

Simple! Just think of what you would like the leap year day to be called in the Helldivers universe. You will then need to post in the comment section below, following the exact format given:

Your platform (only write “PlayStation” or “Steam”) – Your entry


Steam – Double Democracy Day!
or PlayStation – Super Earth’s extra day
or PlayStation – Extra Hellday etc.

I’m sure you guys will have better names for this special day than those examples ;D

Important Rules:

  • Only one entry per person, and they have to be made from a logged in Disqus account – no anonymous comments! Anonymous comments will be excluded.
  • Entries only count if they are posted in the comments section below. Do not post on Facebook, Twitter etc. We simply can’t keep track of all the entries otherwise!
  • Entries need to stick to the given format so they are easy for us to sort for the raffle. Any entries which do not follow this format will be excluded!
  • We reserve the right to exclude and entry we deem unfit for a general audience (profanities etc.) or in any way completely inappropriate.
  • On this particular blog post all comments which aren’t entries will be deleted. We need to keep it clear to read and track entries. Sorry! :)
  • All entries must be made by midnight (GMT+1) on February 29th otherwise they will not be included!


We got a good batch of entries, let’s find the winners!

Congratulations winners!

We recorded a video for you of us drawing the winners to make it a little more fun (read awkward) ;)
The winners will now be contacted individually so we may send you a cape right away.
If you didn’t win anything this time, don’t despair. We will hold more competitions and giveaways in the future.

Big congratulations once again!