HELLDIVERS to liberate on PlayStation Plus this February

Good news, Helldivers!

During the month of February, Helldivers everywhere will be relieved to see their numbers positively reinforced by the influx of new PS Plus recruits.

HELLDIVERS start deploying to PlayStation Plus today!

The PS Plus update should already be rolling out to you all, and accompanied with that there are sales on bundles and DLC on all platforms.

US region offers 40% off all DLC packs and bundles for all players and 50% off for PS Plus subscribers, while EU region is 50% off all DLC packs and bundles for all players and 60% off for PS Plus subscribers.


We hope that this growth in numbers will spread hope and courage to all the troops on the frontline as reports of the Alien threats and their increasingly violent behaviour have become more and more worrisome.


The base game and Digital Deluxe Edition is now 30% off on Steam with 50% off all DLC packs and DLC Bundles. Find HELLDIVERS on sale in Steam here.

HELLDIVERS in Humble Store

Helldivers will be featured on sale in the Humble Store starting today, with the base game and Digital Deluxe offered at 30% off until February 12th Find HELLDIVERS on sale in Humble Store here.

Humble Store Logo600pxUntil the end of the month Helldivers can take this opportunity to regroup, restrategize and resupply in order to liberate the undemocratic Alien anarchists that threaten Super Earth and the Freedom of its citizens.

To get all fresh recruits going, the PlayStation Helldivers forum is a great place to meet players of all levels. We always keep an eye on it to help out.

For the PC recruits, the Steam Helldivers forum is a good portal and we hang out there equally often to answer questions.

On PS4 you can also join our dev-made community HELLDIVERS by Arrowhead which you find easiest by looking up the user Arrowhead_Plays and scrolling to the Communities section.

Remember, new recruits have gone through rigorous training to become the elite squad members you see today. Do not worry – your safety is in their hands.

Adopt a recruit to your squad and #SpreadDemocracy today!