Helldivers One Year Anniversary Quiz – Winners and Answers!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our big Helldivers One Year Anniversary Giveaway last week.

In our final hardcore quiz we have received over 50 entries – definitely more than we expected – so next year we will have to make the quiz much harder! In total there were only 6 entrants who were completely correct across all five questions.

Congratulations to both cape winners:

Avtech who entered on 3/4/2016 at 21:37:18
and VeteranKami on 3/5/2016 at 01:09:00!

Runners up who will also receive Helldivers goodie packs are:

Jhfrank on 3/5/2016 at 04:36:43
Holyham on 3/5/2016 at 17:17:34
Capertje on 3/5/2016 at 17:58:01

And because it seems petty to not give out a prize to the last entrant with correct answers, a pack also goes out to Captqueso who entered on 3/8/2016 at 23:58:44.

We will be sending out emails to you all.

We’ve listed all the questions and answers below for anyone who is interested in checking them out or to see where they went wrong!


What is the morse message beeped by the truth transmitters?
Of the 52 entries only 11 people correctly answered “SUPER-EARTH BEACON ACTIVE.” as the morse code. The morse looks like this:
… ..- .–. . .-. -….- . .- .-. – …. / -… . .- -.-. — -. / .- -.-. – .. …- . .-.-.-

The year Helldivers plays out, together with some comments made by the soldiers on the bridge, reference a book – What book?
19 people correctly identified George Orwell’s book, 1984.

The trophy “Make Frank kill a Tank” is a reference to an old movie quote, but it is also a reference to something else – What?
Make Frank Kill A Tank is also reference to a Penny Arcade strip made after the release of Helldivers. They named the shuttle pilot Frank. Just under half of the participants, 24 in total, got this right!

The soldiers on the bridge reference a comedic sketch about skulls – What sketch?
A whopping 46 people correctly identified the soldiers on the bridge reference the sketch from Mitchell and Webb called “Are we the Baddies?”

With the Stratagem ‘Shredder’ Missile Strike is also a reference to be found – Which?
42 people recognised that The Shredder “Tracking Micro-Nuclear Tactical” missile is a large reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

From the other giveaways during the week we had some great motivations for player’s favourite Weapons and Stratagems that deserves honorable mentions:

The Patriot – Because you are what you shoot

Double freedom – Because single freedom isn’t enough!

REC-6 – I’m havin a blast with it

Sickle – Democracy doesn’t stop to reload so why should you?

CR-9 Suppressor – Nothing says Freedom quite like a rocket-assisted, fin-stabilized, high-explosive round to the dome

Anti-tank mines. – Listening to the enemies chasing me blow up sounds like fireworks on Liberation Day and smells like freedom

  • Dalivus Morgan

    Wait, what? Those are the answers that I gave so you had more than just 6 correct sets. I am pretty sure Malefic_Titan gave those as well.

    • Is that the name in the email address you used? Because we don’t have any submitted by that name :)

      • Dalivus Morgan

        dalivus@gmail.com was mine. Malefic_titan is the other guys user name/PSNID so I don’t know what his email is. I did resubmit mine when I discovered that one of my original answers was incorrect but, no kidding, those answers were exactly what I turned in. Maybe I didn’t make the top 5 in time, but I definitely submitted those answers.

        • Dalivus Morgan

          Thanks for including my quote about the anti-tank mines!

        • Hi! I checked the answer spreadsheet and unfortunately you were missing the “.” at the end of “SUPER-EARTH BEACON ACTIVE.”. It was needed to be absolutely correct – sorry!

      • Titan

        sempiternal_titan@yahoo.com was mine. Although, I think we forgot the period for the truth transmitter?

  • Zeirn

    Yeah, these are the answers I gave too… are you guys sure you only got 6 correct sets? I answered within an hour of the quiz going up, too.

    • Nearly all people missed out the “.” at the end of the first question – an important part of the morse!

  • cusman

    So what year is Helldivers set in?

    • Dalivus Morgan


      • cusman

        How do you know for sure? Where is the reference?

        • HolyHam

          If you go to the info terminal on the right side of the ship and go through the basic info about the galaxy/setting, it says the year is 2084 in there.

  • Wow, I totally just missed all the one-year festivities! There’s no way I’d have gotten those trivia questions right so I don’t feel too bad. :)

  • Maksym Khrystunov

    Hey, does anyone know – are there plans for more dlc?

    • No plans currently :)

      • Maksym Khrystunov

        Ohh.. anyway your games are AWESOME! Please continue :)

  • JonyJL

    you have goootttt to make your games for XBox! OR Mac At Least! It’s like you made your amazingness for the complete opposite platforms from me! Who told you…They’re on to me…..*twitch* haha