Arrowhead is hiring for many new positions

We have taken the first few stretches of the journey, going into bigger and even more engaging projects, raising the bar of quality for what an Arrowhead game is.

And now we are hiring, big time! We are looking for a ton of new developers in all kinds of areas (and that may be a literal ton as we need nearly 15 people).

You can click through to a few of the positions below, but make sure to visit our Jobs page to read more and see all open positions.

They’ll be very exciting times over here the coming years!


AI Programmer 2 Gameplay Programmers Art Director 2 Environment artists Visual Effects Artist Senior Software Engineer

Arrowhead employees barbecue on terrace

Arrowheads having a great time on our terrace last Friday.

More roles to be added

We’re adding even more roles for hiring shortly!
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Arrowhead employees barbeque on terrace