Rob Tatnell
Artist Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Internet People!

My name’s Rob, I’m an Art Director here at Arrowhead. We get a lot of applications for artist positions, and I’m the guy who usually sits down and reviews them. It takes quite a bit of time, and there are some things I see again and again from people applying. I thought I’d pour out some of my thoughts onto the Internet about what I feel are do’s and don’ts when applying for an art job. Others may disagree with what I’ve written here, and that’s totally cool; like I say, these are just my thoughts. To make things interesting, I’ve made some animated gifs for you too, hoorah. View full post…

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Malin Hedström
We’re back! (We weren’t really gone though.)

A brand new year! Doesn’t 2015 sound so much more future than 2014? Isn’t it time for travels to Mars, exoskeletons, food in pill form and hoverboards? We think it’s a great year for releasing games. Maybe a sci-fi future game would be nice.

We’re all at the office again with a running start. It seems this year’s bonus holiday has gotten everyone all fired up to get going with new things and we’ve done great progress in this week alone.
We’ve taken measures to improve the office and workspace for everyone as well as started working on defining what Arrowhead really is and how we will work from here. These are exciting times and we will continue sharing news and our vision with you during the year.
And on top of that it’s Friday! What could possibly go wrong?

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Malin Hedström
Happy New 2015! —Arrowhead style

A very happy 2015 to you all! Let’s make sure this year is an even better one than the last. We are getting ready for many improvements and new things and hope to share them all with you duing the year.

We asked everyone to send in a picture of their celebration, no matter how or where in the world. Here’s the collection, for your enjoyment!

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Malin Hedström
A Silly Yule from Arrowhead

We all wish you a wonderful yuletime and holiday with family and friends! We hope we may enlighten your 2015 with more fun, challenging co-op games.


A greeting to all of you, from almost all of us at the office: View full post…

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Malin Hedström
Galactic Extranet Broadcast: Helldivers

[Message has been adjusted and approved by The Galactic Department of Corrected Transmissions]


15.12.2084 13:30 S.E. Central Time

NEW STOCKHOLM, Super Earth.– –Greetings fellow citizens of Super Earth™. To encourage and inspire you in the wait to join the fight for democracy we are sharing this message about the current development status and some recent additions.
We know the anticipation is great and are happy to inform you that development is going well. As many of you have noticed, the plans of a summer release were replaced with ‘it will be ready when its ready!’ due to our ongoing pursuit of perfection and some feature creep. Luckily Sony are always supporting and sharing our ongoing obsession for the best game ever!

At the moment we are working on making an enhanced instruction tutorial that will better prepare the soldiers for the war and guiding them in the practices of spreading democracy to the far reaches of the galaxy. Internal testing has consisted of bringing some civilians in from the parallell team to gauge their improved understanding and willingness to fight for the cause of Super Earth afterwards.


We have found it very useful to bring in people and let them try ██████████████████ before anything else. This is especially important when developing a title for consoles.

A few developers discuss the new ████████ added to the tutorial.

In his own words, Game Director Johan Pilested explained “██████████  ████  ██████████████████████████  ████████████  ████████████████
At first look Helldivers seems like quite a classical top-down shooter, but as usual even when we want to stick to a basic formula, things easily get a little out of hand and we come up with all these unique ideas that we just have to implement.
Leading to a richer game experience, we hold on to the strong opinion that █  .
One of the developers added:

“It’s not everyday you get to create something like this. An ███████████ is something quite tricky to get into a game, but when done right also so rewarding.”


Thanks for all your excited interest in the PSVita development that has helped keep our spirit going when it’s been difficult! We are happy to share the news that Helldivers are now smoothly defending Super Earth on the PSVita. Among other things we have ██████████ a few ███████████████ to keep the transition between the PSVita and the PS3 and PS4 as seamless as possible. Take a look at the image below and you should have no further worries that the title won’t look good enough on this handheld device.


A few concepts that have led to some the most unique
environments in the game.

The load-out is one of the most important aspects of this title and the part where you get to choose a Primary Weapon, Perk and Stratagems. While we have worked a lot into the feel and functionality of the weapons earlier, lately we’ve worked with the Stratagems. They are probably the addition to your character that will make the biggest difference in the fight and therefore we are right now trying out some new ones that we believe will change the way you play ██████████ ████████████ or at least it will give quite a few options for the ████████████  █████.

For more detailed information on them, please feel free to visit ██████████████████████████████████████


Without giving away any details about the race, what we’ve really had to dig into towards the end of development are the ██████████. We felt that we had to start from the beginning here and write a bit of a backstory rather than jump straight into gameplay mechanics. After all they are █████████████████████ and you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

We would not like to spoil too much, but we’re leaving you with two screenshots that we think will satisfy some of your curiosity. We would love to get some of your feedback on the changes we’ve done with ████████, how cool won’t these fights be now with the ███████ addition to ████████████?


Or perhaps even █████ one of these ███████████ below will appeal to some players. As you can tell it might cause quite a carnage!


The after-launch support has not been fully decided but as usual we really want to support the game with updates and fixes after release, keeping it a living product. If the players request █████████████  ███████████████ that is probably what we are going to aim for.

On a final note, we have talked release date with our publisher and a number of factors will affect it, but a window of between ███ and ██████████ has been discussed.

See you soon in the fight for the cause!
Arrowhead out.

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Malin Hedström
What’s going on with Gauntlet?

Hello dungeon adventurers!

We’ve been a bit quiet here for a while, all busy improving and building upon Gauntlet and of course working towards finishing Helldivers.
It’s been great receiving all your positive feedback on Gauntlet and we’ve solved as many of your issues as possible so far.

Some of the most requested features from the community that have been added so far include:

  • Hot joining (joining while game is in progress).
  • Ability to skip cutscenes.
  • Some balancing of Thor’s skills to help him battle the Gauntlet better.
  • Text chat to other co-op heroes in game.
  • Keybinding settings available for keyboard and mouse.
  • Optimized the matchmaking so that it broadens the search distance of potential games to join.

Of course a number of bugs have also been addressed:

  • Valkyries can no longer interrupt spear thrust attack recovery with shield block.
  • Language issues where the wrong languge was played for certain lines.
  • Heroes will no longer lose their keys when walking through a previously opened door after they have died.
  • Stuttering music problems.
  • A number of issues where keys and doors would not behave correctly.
  • Variuos issue of Heroes getting stuck at doors, falling off the world or spawning in the wrong place.
  • Fixes for several early resolution problems and the .exe launching minimized.
  • Perks received from masteries not unlocking correctly and displaying the right information.

Visit Gauntlet’s announcement page for full patch notes

One of the best reviews we’ve seen from the community:

Now we will continue to address feedback from you, support Gauntlet and building an even better gaming experience. Please feel free to visit the Gauntlet forum and expressing your thoughts. We will check in to answer your questions and take part of the feedback as much as possible.
Join the discussion here!

We have noticed many chose to ignore the advice to “Don’t shoot the food”. For you, don’t miss the community challenge going on right now; shoot as many turkeys as possible over the weekend and if we reach 1 million turkeys shot, a special surprise will be unlocked!
Visit Gauntlet’s Facebook page to keep up to date.


Next week we will be back with more information of what’s going on at the studio, stay tuned!

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Malin Hedström
Gauntlet release slightly pushed

We’re sorry we have to inform you that the release date of Gauntlet has been moved from September 3rd to September 23rd, but also happy that this will allow us to bring you the best possible Gauntlet experience. The reason for the move is to give a little more time to fine-tuning the multiplayer part of the game, and we felt it was necessary.

We know you are waiting eagerly and here are three treats to keep you going just a little bit longer.

  1. A new walkthrough video giving an in-depth look into the game modes, heroes, relics and gear: Gauntlet Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer
  2. A Thank You to everyone who pre-ordered the game with a special in-game bonus item: The Spawn of Kerthull, a Wizard’s robe made from dead imps, who are the spawn of the greater demon Kerthull.
  3. Starting next week, over at the Gauntlet facebook page, there will be 10 consecutive days of caption contests! Every day you will have your chance to win a copy of Gauntlet by captioning and sharing a screenshot found on the page.

We apologize for this delay and thank you for your understanding. Let’s Invade The Darkness together in a month!


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Malin Hedström
Best of luck!

It is something rarely seen, that an employee leaves Arrowhead. But yesterday evening we said goodbye and wished all the best luck to one of the earliest members of the team, Therese “Tuss” Jansson, who has decided to spread her wings and look for different opportunities in the future.

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Malin Hedström
Gauntlet: First screenshots

Now at four days after the Gauntlet announcement we’re absolutely thrilled about the response we’ve received from fans as well as press. I won’t get long-winded this time but leave you with our very first released screenshots of our four heroes taking on a small horde of monsters, and a little sneak peek of an extra bad guy.






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Malin Hedström
We proudly bring back GAUNTLET!

All the latest news heard about Arrowhead has been of our upcoming game Helldivers with Sony, but today we are thrilled to finally announce our other project together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

We give you GAUNTLET, our completely modernized take on the much loved classic arcade game originally made by Atari Games.


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