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All the very best talks and interviews from the studio

Over the years we’ve given lectures, talks, informal chats and interviews to both the press and public. We especially love working closely with Swedish education and helping out other young and aspiring game developers.

In previous years we have attended talks and events in Falun, Stockholm, Järfälla, Göteborg, Malmö, Skövde, Gotland and Pitteå. This year we plan to further strengthen our relationship with the schools and visit many more than before.

Unfortunately not all of our talks are recorded, but below are some of the ones that were. This archive will be updated when possible and we hope that it can be a useful resource to anyone who wants to hear more about the Arrowhead spirit and our work.

Don’t forget if you have any questions, would like to know more, or are in education yourself and want to arrange something, you can always contact us on info@arrowheadgs.com


Design For Coop Games with Patrik Lasota (2015)

Helldivers Game Designer Patrik talks specifically about designing for co-op games, the lack of good co-op games in the market and the appeal of good co-op games.

He also briefly touches upon the lessons learnt from Helldivers and Gauntlet.  The talk ends with a Q&A session from the audience.

Tags: Helldivers, Design, SGA


Visual FX In Games with Rob Tatnell (2015)

Rob Tatnell, Art Director of Gauntlet, chats about his career in games and what a VFX artist role involves.

What you should expect as a VFX artist in the gaming industry?  Why is VFX  important in games? Do you need to know numbers and code to be a VFX artist?

The talk ends with a live Q&A session from the audience.

Tags: Art, VFX


Behind the Scenes: Swedish Game Awards Gala (2015)

Johan Pilestedt chats about Arrowhead’s long running relationship with the Swedish Game Awards since winning Game of the Year in 2008 for Magicka.

Tags: Magicka, Pilestedt


OP Noobs Interview with Johan Pilestedt (2015)

Johan Pilestedt discusses everything, ranging from his early start in the games industry to 3D dinosaurs and the future of Helldivers. The interview ends with viewer questions via a live stream.

Tags: Helldivers, Pilestedt