The Arrowhead Team

Yes, we know it’s been a long time since we got this page up and running, but some of the guys here are just so camera shy! As you can see we have made some attempts to start filling in the blanks, alas without much progress. So far the Arrowhead Team consists of just three people. We don’t even have Snörre in there! Oh dear…something needs to be done and fast!

We have made sure to corner people now, forcing the camera into their faces in the unlikely hopes of capturing some usable pictures. Trust us, some of those pictures were not pretty. How can we run a website without having a picture of the whole Arrowhead Team?! They will be up soon, we promise!

Alex Artist
Anton Co-Founder, CTO
Ashley Office Assistant
Axel Studio Development Director
Björn World Designer
Calle Concept Artist
Chuan Office Manager
David Sound Designer
Emil Co-Founder, VP
Erik Animator
Felix Artist
Fredrik Animator
Jim Artist
Johan Co-Founder, CEO
Kalle Programmer
Linus Programmer
Lucas Concept Artist
Lucy PR and Communications
Magne Artist
Magnus Level Designer
Malin Co-Founder, COO
Mauricio Artist
Mikael Programmer
Niklas Animator
Nils Designer
Oskar Artist
Patrik VP of Production
Peter Programmer
Rob Artist
Snöre Office Sloth
Staffan Artist
Thomas Programmer
Tore Concept Artist
Viktor Artist