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Rob Tatnell
Artist Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Internet People! My name’s Rob, I’m an Art Director here at Arrowhead. We get a lot of applications for artist positions, and I’m the guy who usually sits down and reviews them. It takes quite a bit of time, … Continue reading

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Rob Tatnell
So how do you paint smoke?

It’s that situation again. I’m sat chatting to someone completely new, who doesn’t “get” video games and I have to explain to them what my job involves. It’s a bit better I think for environment or character artists, and perhaps … Continue reading

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Rob Tatnell
20 to 60 minutes

20 to 60 minutes. That’s how long it roughly takes to play through one game of the card game Citadels; or at least that’s what it says on the box… Around 3 hours, several glasses of wine, a few beers, … Continue reading

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