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About The Game

“Warrior is about to die.”

A reboot of the classic arcade hit, Gauntlet sports 4 iconic Heroes – each with unique gameplay and abilities – in high-paced hack’n’slash action. Up to 4 players take it upon themselves to descend into the depths of the Gauntlet together to vanquish evil – and stuff their pockets with as much gold as possible while they’re at it.

In Gauntlet, your allies – as important as they may be to the team’s success – are also competitors in your quest to get rich and buy new weapons and magical items. In other words, don’t shoot the food – unless you want your friend to die so you can steal their gold!

Warner Brothers

Hack ‘n’ Slash, Dungeon Crawl

1 – 4 player cooperative gameplay, local or online



Hardcore Gamer



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Any comments on the game?

  • Flanigan Twiztid

    Where can I find patch notes for the ps4 version of gauntlet?

  • Silver_Faux

    Are there any plans for a PS Vita version? Would be perfect!

  • Manuel Reyes

    I could play this game only once, not because it´s not fun, but because the second time I tried there was only a black screen and sound running in the background. I could even click on the invisible menus… GPU drivers already updated and nothing…

    • Are you still experiencing this same problem?
      Opening a ticket on WB’s support might be best since they keep track of previous issues and others might have had the same problem. Here:
      Posting your issue on the Steam discussion board could also be an idea as someone with a similar computer configuration as your might have the same experience.

      • Manuel Reyes

        well, I edited the config file and set the full screen variable to false and I can now play in window mode. This is not optimal, of course, but at least can be used.

  • noobie


    Pc / Steam slayer edition. I have only just started playing with controller but would be really nice to be able to configure keys as not a natural config it seems ….. would it be possible to look into manual config of key bindings etc ???
    Have not tried kb/mouse config as suggested more difficult (xbox controller)

    Many thanks,

    • Hi,
      We have not been able to offer support for custom keybinding on controllers, due to the amount of work required and the many different types of controllers people use and their varying functionality. Possibly you could get it to work with some thirs party software though? I’d suggest the Steam forum/discussion board to see if anybody has some good tips.

  • Tobbe

    Is it possible to save in multiplayer on ps4 to be able to pick up where we left of at a later time? And if so…how is it done?

    • Hi Tobbe,

      I am not sure exactly what you mean by save in multiplayer, but your progress will be saved (synced to cloud and stored in save file). You will then have to begin from the start of the level again though.

  • russell kent

    Are there any plans to add more story mode? Game was amazing but quite short. We must have more. Even the guantlet legends from N64 had more game play.

  • Bruno Tarchini

    No more DLCs for this amazing game????

  • mrsaturn789

    Hi, are there plans to do a physical release for the PS4 version? I would love a disc of this game.

    • Not too likely since development has ended on Gauntlet (there’s more in a recent blog under the Gauntlet tag) but in the end it would be WB’s (and Sony’s I believe) decision about releasing a physical version.

  • allbobcats

    XBOX, XBOX, XBOX – please

  • jdram

    does anyone know if the servers from PC ps4 talk to each other for online games?

    • Unfortunately PS4 and PC adventurers are not able to play together.

  • Ed Jones

    wish there was a PS3 version

  • Bruuz Lee

    Cool casual game (I played the coin gulping arcade game when I was a kid). I’m not too fond of the “Death” levels though. Having “Death” pop once in a while would be cool, but when it comes every 30 seconds or so it just becomes an annoyance and a timesink, me running around it until I can continue what I was doing…

  • Erwin Gloudemans

    Question to Arrowhead: We loved helldivers as we play this with friends on 2 playstations with 2 psn account with 4 players. is this also possible for gauntlet? of do all four need a psn account? would be a shame. magika2 seems to have this same limitation.

  • Williams
    • Development on Gauntlet has unfortunately ended so we are not able to add any more content into the game.

      However if we add content to any of our games it has to match the universe and style of the game, in Gauntlet’s case that would be old-school fantasy. But also this is someone else’s character and therefore it couldn’t be used by us at all :)

  • AJ

    Hey, I got Gauntlet on my PS4 and I bought the Necromancer DLC character. I enjoy playing as her, but it won’t let me be her offline. Is this the same for everyone else? I only have internet when I take my system to other people’s houses to play coop, so I almost never get to play as her. If this is for everyone, could you guys be able to update it to allow for offline play? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Evil Roy Slade

      Same exact thing for me. I want a fix for this. It dosnt make any sense.

      • Hello! Can I just check that you have your PS4 set as your primary console? :)

        • Evil Roy Slade

          Yes. When i try to set it as my primary Ps4, it tells me that it already is my primary console.

          • After quickly checking it seems that an internet connection is required to access the Necromancer on PS4. Unfortunately there’s not much else we can do about this.

  • DB

    My wife and I have experience issues of Gauntlet freezing on my PS4 when we die during Endless mode. It even happens when we just try to quit during Endless mode. I was just wondering if Arrowhead was aware of this issue and if it would be addressed in a future patch? Thanks! And keep up the good work! Gauntlet is awesome!!!!!

    • Albert Espinosa Aguado

      Same issue! Just posted about it, seems to happen in the Coliseum aswell.

    • Hello DB, thank you for the kind works – really great to hear you and your wife are enjoying the game. I am sorry to hear you are having the freezing problem though :( We are already aware and have contacted Warner Brothers who are currently investigating the issue and trying to fix it. If there’s any news we will let everyone know, but for now I can only apologize.

      • DB

        Great! Thanks for the information!

      • Hans Anderson

        Have you learned any more about this issue? My girlfriend and I are experiencing a similar problem. Though it’s in both Endless and Campaign.

        • Nothing further unfortunately :( You can always contact PlayStation customer support if you would want a refund.

          • Hans Anderson

            Is there actually a team working on a patch to fix this? Or are there no real plans for a fix? Because if they are working on it, I definitely want to keep the game as we both totally enjoy it.

          • We have tried to get a case in a development environment in the studios but it has proven hard, so we have passed on all the information and notified Warner Bros. We haven’t heard anything further from them, but since development on Gauntlet ended quite a while ago there’s nothing we can do ourselves until Warner find the cause and approve a fix.

            If there’s any updates surrounding this we will of course announce it, but for now we unfortunately have no further information that we can give.

          • Hans Anderson

            All right, thanks for your help and the info.

    • Robert Dunne

      Have the same problem as well. If she starts a new character on a new account it stops for a while, but after a while the problem comes back.

  • Albert Espinosa Aguado

    Hi there, I’m playing the PS4 edition of Gauntlet. Game crashes at the end of the Coliseum and infinite modes when coop play… Any ideas about why this happens?

    • Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with freezing. We are aware and have contacted
      Warner Bros. who are currently investigating the issue. We are trying to find any details we can and reproducing it in our testing environment so we can get details about the bug. If there’s any news on the issue we will let everyone know.

      • Albert Espinosa Aguado

        Great! Thanks, guys! By the way, this game absolutely rocks! Wish the character’s evolution system was a bit more wider :P but playing it is absolutely amusing! Great job! :)

  • lol


  • FvD

    Any plans to port the game to the nintendo eshop ?

  • Anon

    will we ever see a reboot of Legends/Dark Legacy?

    • That would be up to Warner Brothers, they own the IP :)

  • Red

    I was wondering if we’d see any of some of the Dark Legacy classes. Any chance of a Jester DLC?
    Thank you for making this, by the way!

  • Beth Edlington

    So we’re having a problem with Gauntlet on PS4, the game crashes after we finish a level on campaign mode, or when we die on endless, causing us to lose all our progress towards masteries. It’s very annoying – will you be working on this to fix it because it’s ruining the game for us.

    • Hi Beth, sorry to hear this is happening to you. We are aware of this issue and have passed on the information to Warner Brothers who are investigating further. I don’t have any more information on this, but when we hear of any developments we will let everyone know :)

  • MatiMaster

    can you please make a sequel ?!?!?!? (do you plan to?)

    • It would be up to Warner Brothers to decide since they own the IP. We have no plans to at the current time :)

  • Kyle Crook

    Could you at least make a patch to solve the multiplayer mode crashes? On endless, campaign, and colloseum mode, when playing with multiple players on the same console it freezes on any higher level that has alot of enemies every time both players die. I even tried to dropout just before the last player dies to retain my coins on endless, to no avail. Also freezes when completing some campaign levels. I recently paid 20.00 for this game at the playstaition store because my girlfriend liked to play it with me. Now we cant play together because it crashes every single time.. Either that or give ne a refund and remove from playstation store to buy. Make it a free download only…5

    • We’ve notified Warner Brothers who are investigating the issue. I don’t have any more information from them, but if we receive any then we will of course share it with the players.

  • Fin Mac

    Gauntlet is crashing every time I am playing Endless and Colliseum,mostly crashes on exit. Game is a lot of fun when it works but is completely broken for me sadly,very disappointing indeed.

  • Tommy VanBeuzekom

    Multiplayer modes are still crashing. No patch. no info. no updates. nothing. I can not express how disappointed i am in arrowhead and Warner Brothers.

  • Brandon Rodriguez

    Is there going to be a new gauntlet sometime within a span of 2017-2019??? When I first saw the release I was hoping for something more along the lines of Gauntlet Dark Legacy (which was the one I grew up with! Green Jester was the best!) but was still presently surprised with this whole new version! Just wish we could change the colors and upgrade to look cooler every ten levels like before but still an addictive game!

    • Hi Brandon,

      Warner Brothers actually own the Gauntlet IP, so any questions regarding this topic should be directed at them. We don’t have any information for this :)

  • Justin

    Such an awesome game, wish I could recommend it but there is a serious bug impacting local multiplayer on PS4, where the game freezes up on death (in Endless) or on level completion (Campaign). It has been like this for months, with no response from Warner Bros about a fix. Very disappointing, has ruined a fun game I enjoyed playing w/ my kids!

    • Sorry to hear this :(

      We are aware of this issue which seems rather complex. We have tried to find the problem in a development environment but haven’t managed to reproduce it, so we have passed on the information and notified Warner Bros who are still investigating. We haven’t heard anything further from them, but since development on Gauntlet ended quite a while ago there’s nothing we can do ourselves at the moment until Warner find the cause and approves a fix.

  • hi

    i couldn’t use my skill for the warrior, i used it once but it wouldn’t come back…

  • akway

    Hello i ‘ve made the online puchase for ps4 of the game but i can’t play a level because of that crashing issue too. Is the issue is still blocking the people 6 monthes after ? Is there any way to get a refund because i can’t even play ;'( thanks.

    • Sorry to hear this :(

      We are aware of this issue which seems rather complex. We have tried to find the problem in a development environment but haven’t managed to reproduce it, so we have passed on the information and notified Warner Bros who are still investigating. We haven’t heard anything further from them, but since development on Gauntlet ended quite a while ago there’s nothing we can do ourselves at the moment until Warner find the cause and approves a fix.

      I suggest you contact PlayStation customer support in order to receive a refund, as we don’t control sales or PSN accounts.

  • Isaura Luiza Paramysio

    I played this game at a friend’s house . And I loved ( I will buy it)
    I love Valkirye design concept , because it is not sexualized , it is very rustic, strong and pretty woman – you know if exist is action figure of her? I want so much.

    • That’s great to hear, we’re really happy you like the character! We designed it with exactly those traits in mind and definitely wanted to give the impression of a strong woman :) I am not sure about the action figure, as far as I know there were not any action figures produced. I can double check with my colleagues when we return to the office though.

  • Dan

    This game is still fun as all hell and needs DLC for PS4, I would love to see new characters. But that might never happen :(

  • Eric

    Im board whats up with gauntlet. New characters anything come on its one of your best games dont leave it hangin on ps4 please

    • Eric

      Sad days for gauntlet

  • Bebeto 87

    Had so much fun with this game, play with four friends it’s something else… Do you guys have plans for a sequel?

    • We have no plans for a sequel unfortunately :( That would probably come down to Warner Bros., as they are the Gauntlet IP owners :)

      • Bebeto 87

        That’s too bad D=
        Keep up the great work and bring us new 4 local co op games like this… Playing helldivers and enjoyed so far =-)

  • Ninjader

    HI i would know if is slayer edition have the necromancer? i love the game!! and if some day maybe you going to introduce a rogue class? that would we assome :D

  • Zahl Prish

    Just have to say that this game (Gauntlet) is or was highly UNDER rated. I really wish that the dev did not end on this game! Hell Divers is equally impressive (very similar game play/style overall), but I prefer Gauntlet’s theme. MOAR GAUNTLET!

  • Evil Roy Slade

    Hello, i purchased the Necromancer character dlc and i can’t seem to download it to the ps4. I can only play as the necromancer when im connected to the Internet. If i don’t the an Internet connection, then the necromancer is unavalible. What is going on?

  • Oleksandr

    I’m a real fan of this game and would like to know are there gonna be updates?

    • Unfortunately there are no plans for updates as development on Gauntlet ended quite a while ago. Sorry! :(

  • Amanda Moyer

    My husband and I really like this game but it freezes alot. We have contacted ps4 and also Warner Brothers. We tried everything they said and still doesn’t work. It freezes when we die on endless and and campaign.

    • Hi Amanda,

      We are aware of this issue which seems rather complex. We have tried to get a case in a development environment in the studios but it has proven hard.

      We have passed on all the information and notified Warner Bros, who are still investigating. We haven’t heard anything further from them, but since development on Gauntlet ended quite a while ago there’s nothing we can do ourselves until Warner find the cause and approve a fix.

      If there’s any updates surrounding this we will of course announce it, but for now we unfortunately have no further information that we can give.

  • Onyxius

    I recently found out about this game through my brother. My wife, daughter and I play it now and just beat the story mode. There are so many things that could continue to make this an even better game. This is an awesome game but even though the levels are randomly generated, you still end up with the same levels more times than none. Once you beat story mode you have endless mode which is the same repetitive game-play over and over again. I wish I was part of the dev team, it would be a lot of fun creating/designing more features and levels especially adding more puzzles to the game that players have to figure out to get to the next level. This is the type of game I have been wanting to start working on as an entry level developer myself. I really love the idea that someone can walk in and pick up another controller and join you in the battle.

    Are there any plans on expanding the game and features?
    Onyxius – (ps4 user)

    • Hi Onyxius

      It’s great to hear that both you and your family enjoy the game – that’s how coop games are meant to be! :D Sadly we do not have any plans on expanding the game further since development on Gauntlet ended quite some time ago. The Gauntlet IP is actually owned by Warner Bros., so it would be up to them to decide on what they want to do further with the Gauntlet brand. We were definitely very excited to have the chance to work with this IP though! ^^

  • p73

    Hey, first thanks for a great game.
    I experienced the same bug as others that the game crashed to black screen at end of a level/mission when playing a high leveled character. For me it helped to re-install the game Gauntlet. I am using PS4.
    (For all who got it via PS plus: You find it after deleting in the ps plus account menu – the yellow cross far up left on the homescreen. It is not on your library nor on your download list)
    I hope this helps for others, too.
    Cya at Gauntlet, Nirriti1122

  • p73

    Ok…it just helps for a few plays. :-/

  • Kevin

    Just wondering if there is any news about the endless crash? My girlfriend and I love gauntlet but it always crashes on endless when we die.

  • Cody Bosrock

    dark legacy reboot best game u ever made i liked the sorceress, only way i would buy another game is if it was like that one

  • Adiel

    I played this game when I was a little kid in 2003 with my brothers, finally we found this game!
    Thank you so much, You made my childhood happy!!!
    I’ll buy the new version of this game, good job!