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About The Game

HELLDIVERS is a topdown shooter set in a satirical dystopian future where mankind is ruled by a managed democracy. You are part of the Helldivers – the spearhead of humanity’s defense against the perpetual alien threat on Super Earth.

With up to four player co-op missions, working together as a team is vital, whether calling in strikes or placing weapons, each action must be totally synchronized to achieve the objectives. This isn’t just a four player co-op game; it’s a co-op game that relies on the global efforts of the entire HELLDIVERS community!

Find our comprehensive list of FAQs and resources here.

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Hardcore, cooperative, twin stick shooter

1 – 4, single and multiplayer

PS3, PS4, PS VITA, PS TV and PC (Steam)
Cross-buy and cross-play between all PlayStation systems
No cross-play between PlayStation and PC

War Statistics

War Duration

The Helldivers have faced many challenges during the numerous Wars against the Alien Threats. Now you can see just how you have contributed to the rise and fall of Super Earth!


Sound Files


Want to sound just like your Helldiver? Find a selection of popular sound files here.


Fan Art Gallery

We’ve also had lots of awesome fan art submitted by proud citizens of Super Earth. Well done, Soldiers! You can view all of the fan art here.


Any comments on the game?

  • Archie

    Wish it was for PC :'(

    • We’ve heard many such wishes. We will definitely let everyone know if there are any news!

      • Rafael Piccinelli

        his wish is now true. *plin plin*

      • Ali

        Great! finally, it will be more awesome if there will be part two in future.

        • Alfredo Parrilla

          the game hasn’t been out for a year yet no need for a part 2 anytime soon its already good

  • Steven P Stott

    I wish it can come to Xbox, I play more Xbox than ps.

  • Thomas Elias Felsberg

    Please release for PC!!!!

  • Storm Dunakin

    [Overall Opinion] Its a great game, its an adrenaline frenzy. Its really satisfying. After a while my friends see it as extremely repetitive.
    [Just an Idea] Maybe a new race/faction? Maybe some holiday events? Maybe you can do some kind of team vs team survival. See who last longest in a map with wave after wave of creatures. Or a team defend the base for as many waves as you can. (add some point value so that the team leader can upgrade the base.) Make the reward for surviving so many levels, like every 10 or something. Or not, its just a thought. Its your game.

    • Thanks for all your feedback and ideas! We really appreciate hearing back from the players. We’re doing some new things for Helldiver so keep your eyes open and I hope you’ll like it! I can’t promise we’ll implement all community wishes but we do discuss everything that comes up.

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  • Peter Joyce

    Helldivers is just so much fun, when I first played the game I was so impressed that I told all my mates about it and they all bought it, we haven’t had this much fun playing a game in a long time, the co-op is just so well done and there is so much to unlock. Helldivers & Gauntlet Slayer Edition are extremely fun games and I want to send out a huge thank you to Arrowhead for giving me and my mates the most enjoyable co-op experiences we have had in ages, keep up the great work guys, your games are awesome.

    • Thank you so much for writing and sharing these kind words! The teams are always very happy to hear how much fun the community is having!

    • cristiano

      Totally agree!

  • MDH

    Would love to see this game get a PC release. Much love for this kind of game in the PC world and Helldivers is the gold standard.

  • Dion

    You guys are diabolical masterminds……With each update comes a new fresh experience……….Id just love to see another weapons and stratgem packs that has a gun that can have an effect of slowing enemies down for a period of time with each shot……..You could even just modify the Rep to do it but make it its own thing………Also some sick new colored caps like the ones from each faction would be nice especially if you slap a huge helldivers symbol or the helldivers skull symbol……….That would be sweet……..Thanks for all the great content and thought you guys take the time to pour into this game……..Ive purchased every item available and im ready to spend more dough for some nice tech…….Also please come out with other modes like the team vs team idea

    • *diabolical laughter* It’s all going accoring to plan…

      Thanks for the feedback and ideas, as well as the continued support! Very nice to hear you are enjoying Helldivers!

      Have you tried the different weapons and stratagems that have a slowing effect already? The Defender and the Knight SMG has ministun on each shot when upgraded. The Railgun has a proper stun. The Paragon also has a poison effect that slows. Then there are of course the stun mines with a good stun.

  • Sebastián Nieva

    Hello guys of Arrowhead!.
    I’m a hardcore fan of HellDivers, i’m very close to reach the 200K kills, im so proud of myself lol.
    And as a big fan, i would like to make a suggestion for a new perk.
    I think it is doable, I really think that we need a new perk that allows you to Reload and swap weapons faster. There was many times that i get killed when tried to change to the my other weapon.

    Is it possible to make it?.

    Thanks for everything guys!.

    • Hi there! Thanks for the suggestion! I can’t promise we’ll make a specific perk but we listen to all the community feedback and consider what is doable. We will have to wait and see in the future =)

  • Korvek_Cogwright

    So, it seems you’re holding out on us Arrow Head. Not mad, just hurt.
    I’m seeing Liber brand Tea mugs up there, I’m seeing Helldiver Stickers, I’m seeing aaaaallllllll kind of sweet swag that would be perfect upcoming holidays and birthdays. But I’m not seeing a place to buy these things. Et tu Bruti?
    Also, any chance the pilot pack can be made equip-ale weapons, not perks? I’m lvl 29 and can’t justify burning the perk slot for a better pistol, but they are sooooo damn good I wish I could.
    Anyway, love the game, peace!

    • The Liber-Tea mugs was actually some fan who made their own! We do have stickers and pins we give away at events, but we have no way to sell them though as that would need to be decided and set up by Sony. Hopefully it will be sorted out and possible a little later on!
      I don’t think it’s very likely we can change how those pistol perks work in the future, but we will keep the suggestion for any discussion that might come up. Maybe you can swap the perk for some missions for fun =) We’ve heard some high level players have started getting into them and their usability after a little while!

  • Dugorx

    Please release it for Xbox and PC thanks guys

  • Γιωργος Βολτεας

    The game is the best action co-op experience out there this game deserves more players its much better than some AAA games the thing i loved the most the masters of the galaxy expansion i would love to see new bosses,enemies,weapons,planets or even a new race to fight i even love the lore of this game

    • Again, thank you for the kind words :) Keep an eye out for what we have in store for you!

  • Mahen

    Hi Guys, I been with the game since day one and now I just HellDive into peoples game and help them to level up. Its very rare to play such a repetitive game but yet its so addictive as you randomly play with so many comrades. The simple 4 way (Roger That, Wait, Negative, Move) is a brilliant way for people to work as a team without even talking. I always await for the next DLC with new strategm & weapons to add to the arsenal. Hope there will be a new DLC in the next 3 months. A new superior fully auto assault rifle will be great and maybe a Big full auto Gatling Gun Strategm :) .

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful praise – it’s great to hear that you are enjoying our game. I also hope that you enjoy some things to come!

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  • Tiago De Freitas Ferreira

    When will arrive the next expantion if there is one of course?

    • We have something coming up fairly soon, but can’t give away many details just yet :) Keep an eye on this site for blog news!

  • OtakuEngine

    Is there any way to look up the history of which wars were won and lost, and other war stats? I’ve been playing since release and I love it. Thanks for the fantastic game you guys.

    • Unfortunately no simple way for players, but I will look into adding some stats like that to the Helldivers section of our webpage here! Thank’s for the idea =)

  • I just bought this game yesterday. How does one activate online matchmaking (like the Strikes on Destiny)? Cheers, and thank you.

    • If you press options/settings you can choose who can join your game; public,friends or private. When you’re on the ship bridge you can head straight down and there’s a mulitplayer panel where you can choose to join other people’s or friend’s games. I hope you will have a lot of fun playing!

  • Ali

    So are you guys planning on a new dlc at the moment? This game is just plain awesome and I can’t seem to get enough of it :P

  • Ali

    Also to add, I agree with someone else who posted about having some sort of a survival mode. Maybe you guys could make it like a special event (like the current event requiring to defending or capping planets) I do like the idea of a survival mode with a base to upgrade as someone else here mentioned where you defend the base against waves of enemies. Actually any new kind of game mode or event would be welcome. I trust you guys would be able to nail it if you were add them in or add something entirely different from what I mentioned. Keep up the great work guys and thank you for the very awesome game you have given us!

    • Keep your eyes open for what we have in store in the not so distant future and I hope you will like it! =)


    Yea so much fun playing Helldivers
    I wish there a huge update coming for Helldivers,something like more new enemy[zombie?/alien?/rebel army?/etc] /planet/objective and new weapon/ stratagems/perk (unlockable).stratagems is too easy to unlock all of it, i hope it will be hard very *omg*level to unlock.oh and the research point i think we need something to burn it ntg to do after all upgrade <,<".

    how about add four 'Hero' for each enemy race?it will be fun and make the game even more hard to play.

    Thank ArrowheadGS !!KEEP UP AND GOODWORK !! FREEDOM !!!

    • =w=


  • dfox2116

    Hi guys just wanted to say I love this game.

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment! The whole team really appreciates hearing back from the community.

  • dfox2116

    Hi guys just wanted to say I love this game, I don’t know if you guys take suggestions or not but I wanted to make a small one that I think most players would enjoy. I was wondering about the addition of rescue missions. Some helldivers don’t make it to the shuttle for extraction. In that case the surviving members can vote to go once more into the lion’s mouth to rescue their missing comrade. The planet will be one big question mark and all rescue missions are automatic helldives (since the enemy has just been attacked, they are on high alert) without the bonus. The pow will be captured ( if bugs he will be kept in a bug nest for food, if cyborg he will be in a cage waiting for “modification” , if iluminate he will be kept in a force field for “study”. Rescue them and bring them back for extraction. If anyone gets left behind this time it doesn’t matter mission over. Let me know what you guys think or if anyone can improve it id like to hear it. Cheers everyone!

    • That sounds like a fun idea! =) I can’t promise we’ll implement any particular new game mode, but we always read all the suggestions from the community and think about it.

  • Cole

    Helldivers is a amazing game every thing in it runs smooth and works great cant stop playing it also question when will the next dlc come out around I’ve bought every thing already I can’t wait to get more :)

    • We might have something around the corner, quite soon, but can’t give away too much details yet ;)

  • Richard Heard

    I was wondering is there a way to switch between war fronts? I have tried playing offline but am still stuck fighting the same race. It would be nice to have the option to choose which war front you wanted to fight on.

    • When all the races are active in the war you can freely switch between fronts. When a race is wiped out by humanity, you can’t play it again for that particular war, but as soon as the war is won or lost, the races will attack again and be playable.
      We’re looking into the balance to make sure you players don’t get stuck for too long in one war, but the game auto balances pretty well so far.

  • NoobDiver

    Any chance of making an offline co-op campaign? It kind of sucks to see most of the global campaign done when I haven’t done a particular region yet. Obviously I’m a new Helldiver.

    • Helldivers is fully playable offline, but if you’ve logged in to the online campaign, your war will be in the same state.

      When a race is wiped out by humanity, you can’t play it again
      for that particular war, but as soon as the war is won or lost, the
      races will attack again and be playable in the next campaign. It usually doesn’t take super long but players have been struggling a little this war.
      We’re always keeping an eye on the
      balance to make sure you players don’t get stuck for too long in one
      war, but the game auto balances pretty well so far.

  • Ian Matthew O’Connor

    Any chance for an xbox one release?

    • Ian Matthew O’Connor

      Well never mind. I just bought a PS4 for this game and I don’t regret it. It’s a blast. Well worth the purchase.

      • Haha, that’s great to hear! I hope you’ll have fun with Helldivers for a long time!

  • Markus Heikkilä

    I heard about this game on an old podcast by Kinda Funny, and bought it on the PSN with no further information. That’s usually a recipe for disaster, but I ended up falling in love with the game. I’m usually not a big multiplayer guy, but the way Helldivers does it, makes it just so smooth, intuitive and so much fun – after all, you don’t really know the experience that is Helldivers until you’ve played a challenging mission with three other Divers. I’m currently attempting to convert as many of my friends and contacts as possible into agents of liber-tea and democracy.

    Just in case one of them might end up being implemented in a future build or a sequel or something, I’ve had a few suggestions based on my personal preferences and experiences.

    – It would be cool to have a little more freedom of customization, such as color schemes, patterns, voices, etc…
    – I love the fact that the missions are compact and “bite-sized”, but as a change of pace, there could be a selection of bigger (perhaps contextual) missions that would be a little more time-consuming. They should probably not be mandatory, though.
    – I’m a sucker for big skill trees, so I wouldn’t be opposed to a more extensive selection of upgrades for weapons, stratagems, etc.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, I know we’ll see “Arrowhead” stamped on many more spectacular games in the future!

  • GeneralPorky

    I bought Helldivers super-earth ultimate edition, however this was on my secondary account due to country migration issues, is there any way to transfer the dlcs tied to my secondary account to my main? I only use my secondary account to purchase games.

  • GeneralPorky

    Hi, I bought the super-earth ultimate edition on a secondary account, however my main account is unaable to receive any of the 2 new dlcs that came in the new patch, is there any way around this?

  • Markus Heikkilä

    I was thinking, it might be cool if this site (or some site, anyway) had a sitrep of the current war posted on it. So that even when you’re not playing, you could check how things are progressing in the hands of other Helldivers. Just a thought ^^

  • Enrico Maria Bisetto

    I really love this game (…I’m downloading brandnew version!) and I play with my 13 years old son every day.
    This is PEGI 16 but I would like to know if is it possibile, under my supervision, let my son play Helldiver online with me; he has a PSN account but I don’t understand how to lower the age verification on PS4, if possible. Thanks

  • Logan Corder

    Since the day this game first arrived in the PS Store, I’ve always found myself excited in wondering what little adventures await me on the Hell dive planets. I’ve had some pretty good times, like the very first time I played with another Helldiver, it felt like we were brothers in arms from the get-go. Experiences like that are worth far more than twenty bucks, but as long as you guys over at Arrowhead are happy. You’ve built a world that me, one of the most difficult gamers to please, could find so much enjoyment. Thank you, so much. I’ve been thinking, for a while now, about a really good idea for a new mission in conquering the planets. I hope you acknowledge my comment so that I may get it to you.

    Once again, thanks and please keep this game going; I hate to see so much potential be wasted.

  • Виктор Савин

    Hi everybody, does anybody know why on rank 21 i cannot unlock all the stratagems? i only have planets with xp boosts…

  • fan wong

    I‘m from china。It’s not not easy for me to find the website.
    First of all,thank a lot for bring me the amazing game.This game takes the fun bank from those famus giant game.EVeryday ,i can enjoy an hour in game.
    And,i have an question,in my country,it often offline suddenly while we are playing。
    They the game serve have some problem,i want to know it’s true or not?if it’s true,wil you going to fix it.
    Please forgive my poor English.
    Best wishes to your next game ,i’m hoping that.

  • Hjtje

    I’ve played helldivers before but my psvita memorycard storage was to little. Now i bought a new memory card and want to re-install the game from the PS-Store on the vita but i can’t download it. When i use the button from the old download history from my PS Store account. It says the application doesnt work.

    • You best contact Sony Customer Support for this one, as they handle the PSN interface, shop and personal accounts. Not much we can do here :(

  • Luc

    Any chance of a new faction? I’ve loved every moment of Helldivers, but I can’t help but notice that we don’t fight any rebel humans. To me that concept of my ship being invaded by a rebel Helldiver or being deployed into a cyborg planet to find human activists fighting for the freedom of cyborgs, is compelling and would add even more diversity. Not only would this not effect the galactic campaign map, but would open the opportunity for potential PvP. A new environment could be added this being the Helldivers space ship where no stratagems could be called in instead Helldivers would have there items they extracted with and would start in the hanger where the shuttles drop them off, turrets positioned in the ship could be activated or deactivated (destroyed) to fight the rebel scum. You could simply reuse the tutorial level and just add a few humans additionally the rebels would be accurate and in small numbers making them challenging. All in all i would just like to be able to recapture my ship after a mission, why? because i never feel as if super earth is being challenged, I’ve only ever seen a race attacking a super earth city twice. Thank you for making a fantastic game
    regards a fan

  • Luc

    Any chance of a new faction? I’ve loved every moment of Helldivers, but I can’t help but notice that we don’t fight any rebel humans. To me the concept of my ship being invaded by a rebel Helldiver. Or being dropped onto a cyborg planet to find human activists fighting for the freedom of cyborgs, is compelling and would add even more diversity. Not only would this not effect the galactic campaign map ( because rebels fight for/with a race rather that being a individual faction), but would open the opportunity for potential PvP. A new environment could be added this being the Helldivers space ship. No stratagems could be called in instead Helldivers would have there items they extracted with and would start in the hanger where the shuttles drop them off, turrets positioned in the ship could be activated or deactivated (destroyed) to fight the rebel scum. You could simply reuse the tutorial level and just add a few humans additionally the rebels would be accurate and in small numbers making them challenging. All in all i would just like to be able to recapture my ship after a mission, why? because i never feel as if super earth is being challenged, I’ve only ever seen a race attacking a super earth city twice. Thank you for making a fantastic game
    regards a fan

    • Jc Wesson

      rebel human factions that hate super earth, neat idea

  • Brendon McNee

    Please can you guys do a smash-up with the Warhammer 4000 universe, I think I would lose my mind!!!!

  • gabriel

    Hello, I am a player of this beautiful game and am lvl40, I like much the update that they did of 50 came up to the range, only I do not like that a number is alone and does not bring any reward .. but everything is achieved of I reduce with support and suggestions of the users .. I write this, not only them to congratulate to the creators of this great game. If not also to do a request or to give them an advice to attract futures helldivers to joining in our war for the democracy.

    It is to implement new planets with new enemies and a galaxy with a new civilization .. for example, the Reptilianos (Ciakar or Chitauri) Sources Like his name it indicates it, they are anthropomorphous reptiles which civilization expanded from the system of Alpha Draconis, for which also knows them like “Draconian”. They measure 4 meters of height and are characterized for being excellent warriors and for has a system extremely hierarchic and competitive politician – military man. They possess in addition a great psychic power and they would feed of negative energies as the fear and the hatred, by which they are considered to be “regressive” and they were considered to be before “demons”. His spirit belicista led them to freeing big wars against the human beings of other stars.

    I believe that this serious one grand amejora for the current players and for future players .. also me gustaria much that they think of adding .. maps with rivers that contain creatures. For ende tendria that to there be a bridge to cross them but very carefully since podrian to throw tentacles and to suffocate .. this idea if it is optional enough .. but if I do mas Inca foot to a new civilization with new enemies and chiefs. Without stopping of side to implementing also another type of enemy in the civilizations that already we know. Thank you very much for reading and I expect to be able considerably for this one contributing good ideas to this beautiful game

  • 西格玛和声


  • SickBeek

    why the sound files are so little?why don’t you guys just put all of them like “say hello to democracy” on the webpage?where can I find all of them?

  • Mr.BloodSeeker

    Is there any chance we can get the Helldivers theme for the ps vita?I bought the super earth ultimate edition and I don’t have a ps4 and I would love to have the theme on my vita

  • Martin

    Been looking for local Co-op games on the PS4 and found this gem
    such a brilliant and addictive game. It’s the reason now I had to buy extra joy
    pads. Then find out that Arrowhead have done a childhood classic gauntlet there
    goes all my free time. Thank Arrowhead games keep up the good work.

  • Baldassarre Odescalchi

    Hell yeah its coming on steam! So happy.
    Thank you for the Christmas present arrowhead!

  • milliton

    that’s the type of game i am always looking for,thanks.

  • Jaimekl

    Thank you so much for this awesome game and bring it to te VITA. Is one of the best games I played in the portable.
    Is there any chance in a future to have cross-play with PC? I hope that it would be possible if the game gets popular in PC so i can play with my friends from steam.

  • Baldassarre Odescalchi

    Will the steam version support xbox controller? Must be a bit wierd to play on mousekeyboard…especially for the precision the mouse offers which would make the laser sight mod quite useless…

  • jfklasfdjöfjk3fwef

    so… pc release… thats interessting… looks like you made a good port here.

    i shall support this and join the intergalactic fight for freedom and democracy!

  • solar

    Is there a SteamOS version included in your “PC” release?

  • Luke

    Hello so I bought the DLC on steam but was wondering how to access all the cool loot :D
    Do I have to wait for the initial release on PC before I can access outfits etc?

    P.S Loving the depth to this game already, fantastic job! HIghly recommend.

    • Darius Arian

      planets will appear with the reward of the dlc items i think

    • Exodus156

      You can find them in the armory thing in the ship

  • Sebastian Wolfendale

    Having a blast with my friend, but purchased the regular version on PC w/ Steam. Any way we can upgrade to the deluxe for $20? It won’t let us even purchase the deluxe edition after having the standard.

  • Felix Fu

    We need new bosses !!!!

  • Diego Amatto

    I bought vanguard edition for PC. How I can upgrade to deluxe edition ? is possible?

  • Rafael Piccinelli

    Pleeeeease let us change the trace color of the bullets ! jesus this game is AAAAAAAAAWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME !!!! BRING IT ONNNN!!!!!!!!

  • SlowJoe

    Grate game. Thx Arrowhead! You get coop right)

  • Ross Lelliott

    Hi Arrowhead. I just bought the games off steam earlier today. Had a couple hours of smooth fun but my game disconnected unexpectedly.. ever since then I cant see any other public games, but I can play and contribute to the galactic campaign.. Is this because there are not enough public games available? Is this only happening to me? I just want to Hell div… please help me

  • Sunny

    Wish there is more dlc and expansions now that the game is on steam :)

  • SiriusBusiness

    Ps4 version just did a 4.6gb patch (4.01) The entire game with dlc is only 8.8gb. Where are the patch notes with what’s in this thing? :D

  • Felix Fu

    We need cross play over PlayStation system with PCs

  • Jose Rosario Sanchez

    i know Mac is really bad for gaming but I wish the game was compatible, or is it ?

    • pc master race


  • Hugo Méndez

    I just have to say…thanks for this big game! i miss the local multiplayer games, share with my friends that funny moments. Grettings!

  • Luke

    Hello Arrowhead, absolutely loving this game so far. However, you can understand my jaw dropping, heart-stopping reaction when I’m 10 seconds away from completing a level and I randomly disconnect?
    I was wondering if this is a known bug with the PC version or whether it is on my end. Secondly, I really wish there was a system so recent disconnect still get the rewards from the mission if they reconnect with the group/players they were with within a certain time. It seems unfair that I spend three missions for a reward then get booted randomly.
    Many thanks!

  • Sky

    Never though, in a world of bloated DLC, that I’d be excited to see so much/wish there was more,

  • Mike

    I am playing games on all platforms for over 30 years now. HELLDIVERS is the best game I have ever played!! I want to play it, because it feels great and it’s real fun. I am not playing it to level up and get better stuff. Thanks to the team of arrowhead who made this happen!!

  • Mike

    Would be nice if my own information panel in the game is always on first position (left). This makes it easier to check weapon load status faster for example.

    • Jc Wesson


  • Mac user:(

    Mac please

  • Ethan

    Such an awesome game, but I’m wondering now that its out on PC do you guys plan to release any new content. New missions to increase ‘replayability’. Maybe boarding enemy ships or having your boarded, increased rewards and higher difficulties, player made maps? PVP? New objectives?

    I would love to see some new stuff to bring back some of the players that have already left it after finishing the content quickly and finding end game too easy.

  • Sam Rushing

    Question in general: Will we ever get independent screens so we can perhaps split off and operate in pairs to complete two objectives? Being held up by that one afk guy kinda makes it hard to move around the map…

  • Hide From Jesus

    I will buy it for pc.
    Is it better to play it with keyboard and mouse or controller?
    Because i have only keyboard and mouse :)
    P.S Great Work, AWESOME Game :D

  • Sean Ma

    Can PC players play with PS players?

    • Jc Wesson

      The war progress is shared but you wont be able to actually play with PS players

  • John Mclain

    I bought this game on steam on a whim, expecting maybe 8 hours of entertainment with some friends. I’m now sitting at 181 hours of gametime and STILL loving the game. It has started getting very repetitive now that I have every achivement except win a war, and have unlocked and upgraded every weapons and stratagem, and even have every piece of clothing that unlocks from lvl 1-30 with nothing to look forward to till I hit 50 in a few months. Yet despite this I still feel the need to play a minimum of several helldives and boss battles each day.

    I really hope you plan to keep adding new content, both expansions and new dlc. I’d gladly buy them all just to see this game keep getting new content.

    • Jc Wesson

      “I really hope you plan to keep adding new content, both expansions and
      new dlc. I’d gladly buy them all just to see this game keep getting new


  • Jc Wesson

    My Suggestions:
    At least 3 Savable Load Outs (1 per faction)
    Reward XP for all players at once if host decides to
    Host Can Restart Mission From Within the Mission
    Aim Cursor Options
    Laser Sight Color same as name tag color
    Tracer Rounds that coordinate with name tag color
    Player Information panel in the game is always on first position (left)

    I’ll add more as they come to me…

    Damn fine game, gentleman! I Purchased on PC with all DLC and continuously promote that others do the same.


    I am playing on playstation 4 and vita and I currently do not have ps plus subscription. When playing on ps4 my progress is not carries to vita is that because ps plus?

  • Eightnine

    Awesome game! So many hours spent playing. Can’t stop. Freedom.

    I’d like it if you would continue to support this game and continue making new things for it. Take my money.

    Great work!

  • Chuck Boris

    It’s been some time since a game fascinated me like helldivers does. Thanks arrowhead for the unmatched co-op experience. :thumbsup: Oh, and I really need to get the Liber Tea cup. :D

    • Thank you so much for sharing the praise! All the team is so happy to hear how much everyone’s liking it.
      The LiberTea cup was made by a fan, but it would of course be awesome if we could offer something like that in the future.

  • Josh-M-11

    there should be another alien race.

  • Κάθαρσης

    The game is AWESOME!!! we need more equipment, uniforms, weapons, more BUGS!!!! I Told my friends to buy this game and have huge times funs playing it!! We really like the hardcore aspect of the game, friendly fire, and so many other things that can kill you!!! we like the many difficulty modes!! but as i said game needs more deapth, more content! i spent 30eu in PSN to buy this game and i WOULD GIVE ANOTHER 30 FOR THAT GAME!! please give us HUGE expansion!!!!
    Nothing more satisfying than spreadin 1000 rounds per second of pure Democracy!

    “Come on apes! you want to live forever?”

  • MatyJazzCZ

    Hi there :) you are doing a great job about Helldivers. I just wanna ask – is there something in near future what will happens with Helldivers? I mean some new game DLC (not character), new types of quest or you are thinking about complete new Helldivers 2 ? Thanks for reply.

    • We can’t give away any details about Helldivers just yet, but when we are able to announce anything we will of course share those details with all the community :)

      • J_S_Mastropiero

        That sounds like something, I like something! ;)

  • fffffffff

    key binding for consoles please …. it would mean the world

  • Caleb

    How’S about a sound file of “HOW’S ABOUT A CUP OF LIBER-TEA!”? I love your games, you’re a great studio with great ideas.

    • I’ll try and see if I can dig it out :)

      • Caleb

        Affirmative! :)

  • Yggdr5

    helldivers will soon be a part of the PS+ instant game collection (great!), but it seems the super earth upgrade DLC is a whopping 20€, as much as the “free” base game, while the price difference between the normal and the super earth edition with all the DLC is only 10€. So dou you plan any discount for the upgrade DLC?

    • Hello,

      That would be up to Sony to decide, Arrowhead do not control the prices unfortunately :)

      • Timothy Malouff

        Can you have “The Terrain Specialist Pack DLC” as a FREE Playstation Plus item too next Month?

        I as because that is the DLC pack that comes with the current Helldivers and it would come across a loyalty gift to those of us who already Purchased and not make such a sting for those of us who already have Helldivers.

        Thank You

  • cristiano

    It would be fantastic if there were base invasion missions , destroying important enemy equipment and structures . And automatically all new gameplay to contact specific strategies and places with clearings on the ceiling, players will be forced to use more equipment than air strikes , it would be wonderful invade giant bugs hives , light illuminates the bridges , traps of cyborgs . And in my opinion you could charge for this DLC .

  • cristiano

    Hello! Since the firs time I played Helldivers, I knew it had a lot of potential , it’s so much fun both online and coop offline, is simply amazing! I had an idea and I believe it could yield good money to Arrowhead Studios. A new mission type: ” Base invasion ” with some specific spots to call down strategies, players would be forced to use more equipment and less air strikes, in workforce would trigger panels, would plant bombs and traps, destroying important stuff of our enemies, imagine invade a hive of bugs , destroy a industrial building of cyborgs and bridges made of light by illuminatis. I would pay for it , a whole new experience so would require a lot of work, but it would take Helldivers to another level . Thanks for listening, I trust your creativity and talent, keep going Arrowhead.

  • Tanooki

    Will this ever come to GoG so people who don’t like their DRM can avoid it?

  • Dt

    Please make Helldivers 2! It will be a bomb! (Just like how i used to love Diablo 1 and then Diablo 2 and 3 and all Blizzard games). Hope Arrowhead w continue to grow and create games that is nostalgicly brilliant!

  • Altissimus

    I wish i could change color of my armor or at least those stripes on my helldiver it could be good you know like recognizing my guy in 4 players match

  • Red

    The game have a bug in ps3 ;-;

    • Tomi Munka

      Me same…black screen on ps3 :/

  • John Barnes

    I love this game! However, I think adding a survivor level that scales from level nine to 12 (helldive) and beyond would be great for guys like me that love killing and getting the highest kill count. To frame the survival level the players would get “x” amount of responds and the team has to hold a large capture point.

    The map would be double the size of the retaliation missions to allow for movement, and if anyone (helldiver) runs out of responds they would be given a bonus respond once you hold the capture objective at full bar for 5mins on level 12 and the time increase over time. To be fair it should start out at 1 min this way people can get into a rhythm.

    As for strats, any limited qty ones would be refilled every 16min to start. Or this can be set using trial and error.

    Then there could be a leaders board for longest time alive and enemies killed. The mode could be called the Hero’s of Democracy. The back story would be these famous locations were held by the long lost great ones without extraction. They layed down their lives for democracy.

    Let me know what you think. It could be a DLC! I would pay for it!!!!

    • Joaquin Jorquera

      I totally agree. If there were a gamestage where continuous waves of enemies were to attack with each wave getting harder I would definitely pay for that no questions asked.

  • Apoena Becker

    R2 Not working on PS4. It seems to be a long known issue…. any solutions?

    • Have you tried enabling Veteran Controller mode? :)

      • Apoena Becker

        Yes, thanks to Reddit. I saw the option but it doesn’t say what it does. One has to guess that.

        • This can occur if you have had your controller some time and it might be getting a little worn and less sensitive. Helldivers has a very sensitive scale for shooting your automatic weapons to allow you precise controls if you want to shoot single shots or full auto.Veteran controller mode adds a greater allowance for when R2 is considered fully pressed.
          You can read more about any known issues like this in the Helldivers support forum:

  • Not Gabriel

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a VS mode where 2 different teams fight in separate maps (planets)? Teams would have to defend their planets from alien monsters, which are sent by the opposing team. Sending aliens to the enemy planet costs some kind of cash, which can be acquired by controlling certain structures in the map. These structures are a source of constant income. Different aliens would have different prices.

    In the VS mode, we are not playing as the Helldivers, but as the satanic communists of the Guevara system.

    I don’t know, I think this would be awesome :D

  • Exodus156

    This is an amazing game, but I really wish I could play it with two other friends. I’ve heard it supports online couch play, but for some reason it keeps saying on of the sub accounts need PS Plus. I thought other PSN accounts can piggyback on the PS Plus one? Please help!

    • As far as I remember, only one person does indeed need PS+. Have you made sure that the person with PS+ is the one that logs into PlayStation and starts up the game?

  • rick2079

    Im having issues with Helldivers for PS4, i cant join my friends, they cant join my ship and cant join other peoples games and keep getting booted out and lost conection every time. Is there an issue withe the servers or psn ?????

    • Kevin Krueger

      I just downloaded this game last night and played with no problems for 2 hours. I got up this morning and can’t finish any missions because of the non stop crashing.

    • MatyJazzCZ

      Same problem now, but it s happening with others games from Arrowhead (Magicka 2 and Gauntlet)…

  • Kevin Krueger

    The game is crashing like a mo-fo today. It is unplayable! I’m on PS4. I have been unable to complete even a quick easy board without the game crashing. The game even crashes while your standing on your ship.

  • Reed971

    Game keeps crashing,any help Arrowheads?

  • Stickginge

    Ever think of adding ship customisation, I would love to see everyone’s individual ship and how they differ from yours. I mean it can get boring everyone having the same ship inside and out.

  • Caleb smalley

    Can we just have independent cameras from our friends. It’s almost unplayable with 4 people. Or maybe just the option to zoom out more

    • The camera is a main design choice in our game and is very unlikely to be changed – sorry!

  • Tomi Munka

    I have black screen during the main menu and after in the game on the ps3 version…but only after the update happebed this

  • Angel.kof2

    Awsome game, i play it on mi PS4 and vita! 5/5

  • MatyJazzCZ

    hi there :) Something is happening with your servers. i think it s caused by lot of new players, becouse Helldivers are now on PS+. But, and I think it s worst, your other games are crushing too. Magicka 2 (PS 4) same problem, Gauntlet (PS 4 ). We tried play private games, public games with my friends, but everything crushed to the main menu with message “You are not connected to PS network”…it s impossible becouse battlefield run and PS Store too…So check your servers please ;) ;)

    • Hi,

      We have checked our servers due to the high amount of complaints we’ve seen recently, but everything seems to be working on our side. We are talking to Sony and looking into what else could be causing connection issues for players :) (Magicka 2 was not developed by us!)

  • Diego Rumeau

    Please …..Up the level to 100 and new DLC!! Good Work!!

  • Waruro

    I just hope that now I bought helldivers for PC you keep making new content ! I would love some fresh weapons or enemies to kill …

    even a helldivers 2!

  • John Doe

    Can I buy a game OST????

    • We can pass on the request to Sony – it’s something we have seen a lot! It would be up to them whether or not to release it though :)

      • John Doe

        Your Helldivers OST i love it very much. i will be waitting for good news about thissss

  • Sam Hall

    Here’s my top tips for beginners.
    Has anyone else got any top tips for beginners?
    Let me know. :)

  • Fuck yourselfs

    Fix your fucking severs 20 minutes on a solo down the drain the second the shuttle arives its not my internet you fucking hacks

  • Ali Nishaz Didi

    Game remains awesome, however I am noticing that we are getting disconnected quite frequently. And when I say we, me, my friends and even public players who joins the game

  • Peter Saliveros Bormann

    Hi! I’ve recently downloaded Helldivers on the PS3 and absolutely love every aspect of the game! Congrats on another awesome piece of work! Unfortunately, me and several friends are experiencing a terrible connection every time we try and play, making it close to impossible to finish missions. Is this an issue with the Arrowhead server, the brazilian connection, or are we messing something up? thanks in advance!

    • Hi Peter!

      After receiving some complaints from players about server connectivity we assumed that there was some issue on our end due to the huge influx of all the new PS+ players. After investigating the issue (which curiously occurs seldomly on PC although it’s the same servers) we’ve concluded that most of the issues aren’t derived from our side, and as far as our diagnostics show the servers have been running smoothly.

      We will continue to work with Sony and look into the cause but hopefully it will soon be up and running for everyone again! In the meantime we are still further improving and optimising our servers to give all players an even better Helldivers experience.

      Some details about types of connection problems:

      – Helldivers uses P2P servers (no dedicated servers), meaning users connect directly to each other over PSN, and nothing regarding user to user connections is handled on our servers. There is no communication with our servers during a mission, only before and after.

      – Host Migrating means that the hosting player has disconnected and the host position is being moved to the next player.

      – If you get kicked from the middle of a mission with a message about being kicked, it usually means that another player has kicked you.

      – If you disconnect in the middle of a session and return to the main menu, it usually means that you have lost connection to PSN for a certain amount of time. This usually reconnects within just a number of seconds.

  • Douglas Adario

    More dlcs pleaseeee more skins, more bosses!!!! more ALLLL

  • Nathan

    I hope this game comes on xbox one because my pc is not good enough. :(

  • Ju

    Amazing game !
    I discovered it a few days ago and can’t stop playing !

    Do you ever think about an phone app to be able to live follow the war evolution ? And to be warned if an attack is preparing ?

  • Ade

    Will there be support after-launch for pc? I love playing this games with my friends!

  • Christoph

    Just got Helldivers as part of the PSN+ subscription, and I bought the DLC collection for more guns, vehicles and stuff.

    First of all, I’m somewhere between liking and loving the game. It’s very playable, challenging, and gives the player interesting choices (including, but not limited to, the equipment to bring on each mission). It has all the action of games like Commando or Ikari Warriors, while also offering tactical and stealth options like the game Airborne Range (sorry I’m using some really old games here, but it shows how long I’ve been playing this type of game).

    I have some suggestions that might make the game (or a sequel! Please?) even better:

    1. Grenades. Right now, they’re bit kludgy to use and only carrying two of them makes players like me save them for later (which never occurs) instead of blowing things (and bugs, and cyborgs, and Illuminates, and the occasional other Helldiver) up with them. Give the players some more grenades and make grenade type a regular equipment slot instead of a perk)
    2. Speaking of things to blow up – more non-mission-items that can be destroyed/blown up/set on fire would be nice. Even if they’re just part of the scenery.
    3. Longer view range, or a better way of aiming at things that are off-screen. There are many long-range weapons in the game (Scythe, Camper, etc.) that cannot be used to their fullest since they shoot much farther than the players can see.
    4. Sidearms – could you move them to their own equipment slot instead of offering them as perks?
    5. Rewards (extra influence, xp or similar) for judicious use of resources. Completing a hell dive mission gives rewards, but completing it just with your pistol should be even better.
    6. Maybe add a consumable resource for access to temporary improvements? I wouldn’t call the resource ‘money’, but something like ‘supply points’. Unlike research points, these shouldn’t add permanent improvements, but allow the use of better/upgraded versions of equipment for one mission only. This would give players who have already maxed out their research another resource to collect
    7. More is better. More planet types, more mission types, maybe more alien races to, er, liberate.

    Well, back to playing.

    • [De._.rp] Pow3r

      as you already said ; More is better .
      more stratagems would be ok , and for stratagems i don’t mean more GRANADES TYPES ( offensive ones )
      for stratagems i mean more exo suits and more usefoulo things ( like angel , shield generator ecc…)
      hope the will read our comment :D

  • Siggi

    There is no Chance to play online with friends and other guys. Offline it works, but online its a desaster. sorry guys that i have to say it that hard. But its not funny to try it 30 min to find a game, and to have no Chance to Play a online coop Match with friends. Thats wasting time and we could have such a nice Time with this game, cause its brilliant.

  • Aeleaurs

    Hello. I play Helldivers on the PS3 console; I am connected to PSN and internet connections. As I enter the multiplayer room selection and I request to join a room it prevents me from joining with the following message: No connection between ships. (As I stated, I am connected to PSN and internet connections), This error has applied for every single room I’ve attempted to join, I am unable to join.
    Also, frequently, when trying to play a mission of my own to get players to join me, it disconnects me mid-mission. It has done this numerous times. (I have attempted applying rooms that are only in my region, yet still the issue occurs.) Help; opinions?

  • ROC

    I love this game very much, but PS4 often dropped, or simply cannot connect to the server! I am Chinese, game player!

  • Geo Alvarez

    It would be awesome if we can use our extra research points to customize our helldiver and have different colors and designs for our character and gear. Some feminine designs would be nice for female gamers such as my wife. Part of being a great warrior is being able to leave your own mark.

    • Darket

      I agree with you my friend! there are somethings that have a design that you like, But with colours that you dont think fit.

  • Pariax

    this game is really awesome! i just really wish it would have an option for player focused camera. i get that it serves for a big part of the “cooperative mess” this game (like magicka) loves to cater, but when it gets so frustrating to shoot at random cause you cant see anything i prefer to play alone instead of inviting friends its quite sad. would be so more enjoyable, loves.

    • Darket

      I was just about to post this ! I totally agree with you my friend! But i was thinking about different game modes where the host desides if he want every one to shear the screen or not.

  • Cayo Franco Guiné

    I have a question:

    If I buy the disc version (super-earth) will I and my wife (we play locally in the PS4) have access to all the DLC content?

    • As long as the main account holder who purchased the DLC is logged in, and both of your accounts has set the PS4 as your primary console, then yes, she should be able to :)

      • Cayo Franco Guiné

        Thanks for the quick reply! As for now I use my brother’s account to access the Plus games and content, however I loved this game so much that i’m willing to purchase the physical copy to access all DLCs and yes my wife’s account is set as primary in our PS4.

  • M J

    Hello, first of all grate game :) after about 150h I’m still having fun with this game.

    I’d suggest a few things that would randomize the challenge.
    *** Biom specific neutral creatures, that attack ever one, Helldivers and enemies.***
    –Snow: Yeti like creature or bear (not very imaginative i know )
    –Desert: Worm <- similar to Bug boss but smaller of cores.
    –Forest: some big ass mosquito
    –volcano: maybe some imp like or big hulking fire creature

    *** Natural hazard ***
    — Desert: (currently has none i think) Quick sand (1)slows you if you stop moving and takes time to get the movement speed back, (2)swallows stratagems like ammo, weapons, mines, mechs, pretty much every thing that land's and stays on the ground. Similar to cyborg AAs only it can't be destroyed and allows offensive stratagems.

    *** Underground or inside (caves, factories) biom, this would probably faction specific?? maybe ***
    — this is just a thought, because you'd be very limited on stratagems as you'd only be able to call them at certain openings.
    — restricted vision around corners

    *** Missions / objectives ***
    — objectives that should be done in a certain order?

    *** Weapons ***
    — SMG requires an 'unstoppable round' upgrade so it's a more viable option along side 'Breaker' and 'Justice'.

    That's it for now :) I guess most of this stuff has already been considered. Keep up the good work.

  • Lenny

    why am l loosing commendations after three days of not playing?
    l had +6 and was in “good” standing. coming back, it’s just three and l’m in neutral.
    That happened fpr the third time! Really pisses me off. l like the game but that really bothers me.
    Also l’d like more urban settings ;)

    • Commends deteriorate on a weekly basis by half :)

  • Darket


  • Darket

    I wrote something really long in 1 and a half hour but i couldnt post it because i hadn’t verified my account (im writing on my psvita) And it all got deleted! so i guess i have to do this again My ideas for a future update on Helldivers. (Psvita,ps3 and ps4) I think that it would be really cool if they were air veichles in helldivers.Like space ships. So this is what i have been thinking about if This actually happens. There should be 3 different ships lets start with the first one “The transportation ship” The heaviest and biggest ship. It has 4 seats, 1 for the pilot and 3 for the passengers. The ship is very slow But it would have many features!Since there arent many weapons that can shoot an object while the user’s not on the ground .The ship could have a heay machinegun turret underneith it witch would be controlled by one of the passengers in the ship. Since the ship is above the ground the turret would have to be controlled in another way. The turret would be rotated by using the left joystick and fired by using “R” The pilot would use the left joy stick to rotate the ship and “R’ to fly it . im tired now but i will continue tomorrow!

    • Darket

      It would also be cool if they made some bigger maps and houses and caves that you can enter!

  • J-Bomb

    Hello fellow gamers and Arrowhead staffers. Tremendous game. Love playing Helldivers. Mad respect for you as a studio based upon player feedback and suggestions.

    Might I interest you in my verbose Steam suggestion thread?

    Thank you for taking the time to even remotely consider this, let alone read it.

    For Super Earth!!!

    • Thank you for the compliment! We saw this a little while ago when it was posted :) It’s hard to comment on anything like this as we can’t discuss the any future details about Helldivers, but we do appreciate the community’s feedback and suggestions (even if we don’t or can’t use them immediately).

  • Peter Rhodes

    having trouble joining a buddy of mine who bought the helldivers so we could play together. the game fails to teleport when ever we attempt to join each others games. we’ve tried using distress beacons, reseting game, joining other players games. when we join other players games it allows us to be in the game together for about 5 seconds before one of us is removed. during this time we cannot see each other, but the players who’s game we are in can see both of us. i’ve looked online for fixes to this issue but every article and forum i find is over a year old and the issues they pertain to have apparently been adressed in a patch. any insight on this issue?

    • It’s very hard to be able to tell what’s wrong. The only question I have off the top of my head is are you guys on the same NAT Type?

  • Andrew Polley

    Can the developers create a update for the psvita. My rear touch pad on my vita doesn’t work and is beyond repair. I was wondering they could create an update where a reload icon was on the top right screen and all u have to do is touch it to reload. Same concept to when u run on the vita. I hope this reaches the developers because as right now I can’t play hell divers because I can’t reload and I bought the super earth dlc. Love the game though.

  • Michael

    Thinking about buying this game, but it’s quite old now. Are there still a lot of people online and would it be worth buying if there isn’t?

    • Of course our answers will be slightly biased, but the game is worth buying if you enjoy playing local couch coop with friends and family. There’s lots of laughs and fun to be had in the chaotic madness where anything can go wrong :D

      Regarding the online community and player base, there is still a good deal of interactivity in our forums on Steam, Reddit and PlayStation and the Galactic Campaign (which all players contribute to) is automatically balanced in accordance to player size and difficulty. So even though the game has been out for a year you still will have a good chance of winning the Wars even with a drop in numbers :)

  • gamrage

    After playing HELLDIVERS for quite a bit, I’ve been thinking, If you guys came out with more alien races as DLC, I’d pay for that in a heartbeat.

    My Idea is that you guys could possibly add a “Cthulhu” race that shows a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness by having some attacks pass through them, making some of them un-killable appearing and disappearing on their own, mind-controlling players into wasting ammunition and shooting each other along with scrambling stratagems and abnormal immunities.

    Another race could be a “Grey-Goo” race that takes less damage from normal weapons and more damage from flamethrowers, Arc-Throwers/Shotgun and Tesla Towers and chemical based weapons rather than the average Anti-Tank weapons, also add a mechanic where if the “Grey-Goo” consumes a player or survivor, it becomes stronger and bigger and even multiplies. With that DLC comes more options for Stratagems, Uniforms and Capes as well.

    P.S. Trident needs a nerf.

    • Cyschas

      I agree about the LAS-13 Trident, it definitely needs some nerf.

    • BigBaddie

      I like! We need more thing that can kill you! If add 2 the idea with addin new plant types and more planet traps for every planet! Maybe some wild life (passive and aggressive)

    • KS-017

      I would like it more if we can helldive into a constant battle, where the enemy is also having a war against each other. like would it be cool to see bugs going against other races and vice versa and we have to do our objectives while that’s happening

  • Freddy

    Suggestion 1: Mixed worlds – bugs, cyborgs, and illuminate at the same time.
    Suggestion 2: Helldiver vs. Helldiver

  • Jhonnatan Philipe

    When you will have new content ?

    • cristiano

      What’s up broo! kkkk

  • William

    Does Helldivers on steam support crossplat between PC and PS4?

    • No unfortunately crossplay between PC and PlayStation isn’t possible.

  • KaiserMason

    i absolutely love this game i bought it for my 3 friends and its just my favorite game in the entire world i only have about 20 hours but i wont stop playing until i get at least 10000000 just 1 thing could make it better do u think u could add any pvp to this game like magicka?

    • Thanks for the kind compliment – glad to hear you like it! We have seen this requested a lot from the community, but unfortunately it would take a lot of work to implement a PVP mode. Additionally, PVP would make Helldivers into a completely different game – something which we haven’t intended for. So to answer your question, it seems unlikely it would be something we would add :(

      • KaiserMason

        i get that its sad but i really understand where u are coming from i guess i always have ur other great game magicka but thank you for actully replying it just shows how much u devs really care. so thank you

        • It’s our pleasure! Have a nice week! :)

          • John Martin

            People have probably asked the same question a bunch of times.. But will there come new content for HellDivers in 2016? I really enjoy your game and I feel like there has been little activity. Maybe a update with melee weapons or more vehicles would freshen up the gameplay. The melee weapons would be really risky, since you would have to be up close and personal with many of the enemies.

  • Sean Brownlee

    will you be releasing any more future expansion for helldivers after Masters of the Galaxy?

    • We don’t have any plans to announce anything, but you guys will be the first to know if we do :)

  • joaquin

    Are there any plans to continue development on helldivers like a potential sequel or expansion or has all work with the dlc stopped

    • We currently don’t have anything to announce but if the situation changes we will surely let you know :)

  • RENTa

    Do something with this game for the love of God. Its imposible to win wars, second in a row is lost. You have only 1000 people in game during a weekend, reduce the requirements!

  • David Ariza Zuluaga

    Best game ive played so far, great frames(ps4 and pc), always chalenging, i can be playing it all day long and never get bored xD

  • Noah Stanley

    Add a way for us to save our armor set ups as well as weapons stratagems and perks so that we could easily switch between different builds depending on the situation, even better still the ability to publicly share those save files with the group you’re in and if they have those items unlocked to be able to load them by just simply clicking save and then load .

    Lastly maybe some sort of a permanent group, clan, guild, team, squadron, unit….you get the point; that we could have established for the purposes of being able to make Helldiving with friends on a regular routine basis more consistent and user-friendly .


  • acebofelicis

    we need more dlc!!! hahahah i have all the dlc´s, but i need want more, are a great game, i love it! and congratulations for the game! hug from uruguay!!

  • Cyschas

    I would like to see additions to the Cyborg Siege Mech master—as the master is considerably easy to defeat, in ways, players can camp within a corner using the ‘Hellfire’ Incendiary Bombs (to prevent the master from moving close to Helldivers) and with the Triple ‘Thunderer’ Barrages—allowing the defeat of the master to be even quicker than a minute.

    As the Cyborg Siege Mech can switch between its two weapons (grenade launcher, auto-cannon, flamethrower, etc.), this provides an extra complexity of the master, as well with the idea of anti-aircraft guns that prevent (within radius) calling down Stratagems. These provide extra difficulty, but I believe it is not enough. Possibly the addition of Cyborg Hulks (possibly a replacement for the Grotesque, etc.) to support the Siege Mech.

    Any further ideas to increase the difficulty of defeating the Cyborg Siege Mech would suffice, as said, compared to the Bug Hive Lord and the Illuminate Great Eye, the Cyborg Siege Mech is considerably easy to take down—in opinion.

  • Cyschas

    I hope for a feature that allows Helldivers to combat with all three hostile races (Bugs, Cyborgs, Illuminates) without being locked out—within the Galactic Campaign, any race that is defeated is immediately locked out and cannot be fought against during the course of the Galactic Campaign, until the Helldivers have succeeded or not in defeating the threats of the hostile races. A feature that (possibly) can be implemented to practice, etc. load outs, and so on, or simply to fight any of the hostile races without having to worry of the race being locked; a feature that does not tie along with the Galactic Campaign, so we are not forced to fight other races if (let’s suppose) players want to play a different one, happening to be locked out.

  • Zero

    PLZ!Give us more toy like vehicle or weapon!And more kinds of enemy!

    • Darket

      I agree we need more equipment!

  • Alex

    Gotta say I’m late to the party… And late for bed but, I can’t put this game down! I have played top down style games in the past and I have never been “hooked”. The fact that I can easliy jump between ps4 and my vita with cross save is fantastic! Great job arrow head! I hope you plan a helldiver 2 and continue to expand in this lore of DEMOCRACY! ? Also if you could make the next addition someone have different perspectives like 3rd and 1st? Or planet campaigns with “transport” extraction taking you between levels of the same planet unless their is heavy AA presence. Would just look cool if somethings good or bad affected the following missions. When is the tv show coming? Lol reminds me of starship troopers with the bugs ?? love it!

    • Darket

      I’m late too…Your idea about traveling between levels is great!

  • Darket

    I wish that you could walk around freely without sharing the screen with your team, And that the host could turn that on and off before each mission. I also would love if they were more upgrades for stratagems. 2 upgrades just doesn’t seem enough… I’m thinking about MK4 and MK5 upgrades and to make it harder maybe they could cost 10-15 research points. AND I would also love bigger upgrades for the stratagems for example the placable fence. The MK5 upgrade could make it a wall with more health and that wouldn’t allow anything to pass it without a jump pack. With all these upgrades of course the game would be easier but maybe they’ll be more enemies in the future. Now I have one more idea…I’ve been thinking about this for along time. I’ve always been a medic in helldivers for a very long time but I recently changed my class ( If you can call it that) to Pilot. I changed my cape, Armor and helmet to pilot. And I also changed my weapon to arc shotgun so I would look like a real helldivers pilot. And I’ve also started using the obsidian mech or “Exo suit” Now a pilot can pilot many things, you can pilot a mech you can pilot more vehicles. But when I think about the word pilot the first thing that comes in my head is a plane pilot. Wouldn’t it be so cool if there were air vehicles in helldivers? Wich would be so fun if you could fly anywhere you want without being stuck with your team but then maybe a transportation ship (like the shuttle that picks you up at the end of each mission) The pilot could be the fifth player that picks the helldivers up when extracting. But I was also thinking about objectives on some planets where the pilot is needed, now a pilot is not necessarily needed because everyone would want to fly right? I have many more ideas about 3 different ships there weapons, Mechanics, New enemies and more but Arrowhead has already given us enough and I can’t tell them how to do their job. But there is still one more thing. if you’re still reading this. Bigger maps! The maps on all planets are so small and can be completed so quickly.When you look at the map while in a mission or before starting one you see squares all around now if you count how many squares there is and how much are filled do it for you. There is 110 (or more I don’t remember) sqaures on the map the highest I’ve seen being covered is 11 that’s very little isn’t it? Well I’m done now I hope someone sees this and thank you for reading my ideas!

    • Darket

      And maybe a backpack or a stratagem that would allow you to reload vehicles weapons! Single use… maybe?


    I love this game. Best fun I’ve had in a while with friends. I would love to see more DLC or a helldivers 2. More aliens, biomes and mission types would be most welcome.

  • dkny

    I wish I could play online as well as on PS4

    • Helldivers is an online game, you most definitely can play online :)

  • Xion

    Hello. Does your team plan to add more expansions in the future? I love the game!

    • We can’t say what our plans are right now, but when there’s any news we will definitely announce it :)

  • Franchi

    just picked it up on the psn and am lovin it (/ > o<)/ best purchase i ever made on the vita

    hope you guys consider makin use of the L2/R2 trigger grip for the vita for future updates still not used to swiping the rear touchpad o-o

  • Vincent Kytwayhat

    Any news on Helldivers 2?
    Also if ther ever is a Helldivers 2 please allow other players to have there own screens, that be appreciated.
    Screen sharing worked in Magicka but it’s a pain in Helldivers because of slower characters((carrying objectives)) and longer range guns plus mech speed.

  • Ching

    Have any update?Now not any update, so bored.

  • Robert James

    Been only playing this game like two months and I’m addicted to the community and the random personalities I play with (though some are less than desirable).

    Anyway, I urge you to please have a level where all races work together against humans. Like a DLC where there’s a bonus map or something. Also, add more bonuses when leveling like at level 40 you get to equip two perks and at level 50 you can equip one additional stratagem or access to an extra stage/map to fight an elite race composed of all three species. It makes leveling more…interesting to say the least. I don’t know, these are all random.

    Hey, even a PVP mode would work specially team vs team! You can play king of the hill, capture the flag/objective, or defend vs invade, etc.The guys who suggested extra races have great ideas too. Just do what it takes to make sure this game doesn’t die just yet!

  • Hey any chance there is a offline installer for the new update v5.00? my ps3 says it keeps losing internet when downloading it and my ps4 got it no problem but ya so i figured is just come see if ya had a offline installer for it.

  • Brad Maverick8720

    I’d say do like a Halloween update, but it maybe too late for that. It’s an idea for next year though? It’s basically like a “raid” on Super earth and there are zombies, and mutants. The escorts objectives would be ideal, anther would be uploading software on a computer for a cure? Stuff like that. You can add new skins and capes for the theme, and maybe a weapon or two.

  • Anshiren

    PS4 version now so slow. Often lose connection. And search for game takes longer after5.0 update. Even 5.02 does not fix any of these. Please fix this. Lots of my friends quit playing because of this

    • Hi Anshiren,

      I’m very sorry to hear you ans your friends are currently affected by the connection problems :(

      We have looked into the reported PlayStation connection issues which players have been experiencing. It is definitely unfortunate that these problems coincided with the 5.0 patch, but after looking into the issue – as well as having external QA testing – it’s clear that the issue is not within the game itself.

      Helldivers relies heavily on many of PSN’s matchmaking and multiplayer services. Helldivers also uses P2P (there are no dedicated servers), meaning players connect directly to each other over PSN. Our own servers don’t handle anything regarding player to player connections.

      We have seen suggestions on the forums that it was the “PS Pro optimization” which has affected connections. This is not correct. The PS4 Pro changes added Checkerboard rendering and higher resolution support for the game. While we also did some updates to adapt to the newest Playstation™ SDK, none of those are capable of causing the issues we are seeing.

      We are continuing investigations with Sony into these issues and doing all we can to improve the situation. We are passing on any additional information we can find to them.

  • Pasi Sivula

    SIR, I have my butt blasted away, whipped at, eaten on every d**n mission and that is growing into a nuisance, SIR. I see the Navy gals have better equipment than we on their picnic missions! I want their Scutum and Buckler shields, SIR. Don’t even know what they are? The Buckler is an energy repelling shield highly effective when pointed in the direction of the threat. It copes with kinetic projectiles, Ion beams, heat, lava, … you name it! It will, unfortunately, loose efficiency for every degree it is misaligned. It is also lethal for friendlies in the patf of a reflected threat. It is, however, small enough to replace the bayonet on any gun. The Scutum, in turn, is based on the plain vanilla Omni-shield but is carried in the hand rather than being a suit module and, given its much narrower coverage of 45 degrees, it is more powerful. Combine it with the trusty pistol and some comerades and you have reinvented the Shieldwall, SIR.

  • Ryan Smith

    It is near criminal that this IP is let to waste away for so long. C’mon arrowhead, more dlc!

  • Ismar Junior

    Hey guys, little help here..

    So, I played it on ps3 and its awesome, but, after a long time without playing due internet problems, I downloaded some update and now, when I try to play the game it says I “can” play it if I renew something on Ps Store, but I don’t knoe what it is, someone who can help?

  • Tanner Thornton

    I have been playing this game for a while now, and I love it. Sadly, the game starts to get a bit old when you’re not playing multiplayer, and I think it would be nice to see some new features to address some problems.
    1. Planets are kind of boring. Other than having different things that slow you, they feel like color swaps excluding the volcano region. I would like to see more of these type of hazards in planets that are otherwise docile. Maybe planets could also have unique fauna, so there is more variety (e.g sand worms, poisonous plants, blizzards)
    2. Races are limited. With the lack of variety in planets, every illuminate mission feels similar and there are only 3 real types of enemies. That being said, other races would be nice addition to the game. You could add plant people or a reptilian race. I’m not very imaginative, so these are just examples. Another interesting idea that would not take much work are combo planets. Zones that are next to other races would be combo planets that would have bugs and cyborgs on the same planet working together or warring with each other.
    3. When a race is eliminated, it is harder to test out weapons. A simple “Holodeck” would work nicely and it would allow different enemies to spawn and weapons to be tested. It could even generate a practice mission for no points.
    4. Additional slots for equipment. Perks are nice, and more of them would have to be added for this to work well, but I think it is a better idea. Grenades would have more types, but there is a grenade type slot. Different types of armor that change movement speed as would be a nice thing to consider instead of having the “heavy armor” perk. Sidearms should be able to be changed independently of perks. This would make perks more based on the character’s personal skill. For example there could be a perk that allows smgs to be selected as sidearms, but at the cost of speed. The MD 99 would still be a perk. This perk rework would prevent snow planets from practically locking players into using the All Terrain boots.
    5. Make the screen larger. Long range weapons are not very useful because you cannot see offscreen. This has the result of making shotguns better at sniping than actual snipers, which is completely backwards. This could also be fixed by adding a binoculars perk/stratagem that creates a personal screen of things that are far away, but the player is locked down.
    6. Fix vehicles. I really like vehicles, and I would like to see more vehicles like the motorcycle, but getting out of a moving vehicle deals extreme damage. Even if the motorcycle is almost stopped, but not quite, it will kill a helldiver without a chance to get up. If a helldiver gets out of a car while its moving, they should immediately use the cover while invincible to avoid being destroyed by a slow moving vehicle.
    7. Keep on working. I love this game and had it on ps4 for a while before I moved and had to get rid of the ps4. I immediately bought it on PC when I realized I could.

    Thanks for making a great game.

  • Американский

    Will you offer more dlc’s or weapons for this in the future?

    • When there’s any news we will announce it on our media channels. Keep an eye out in the future :)

  • Snarky

    I like the vehicles, the mechs in particular. But they’re missing something very important! Every robot needs a self-destruct sequence, and everyone’s been in that situation when your guns click and you’re surrounded!! That’s when you punch in the self destruct sequence! jump out and run like you’re about to explode…cause you are…or rather the mech is.
    Think of the applications!! Could make it the same yield as the nuke but half the range maybe(gotta have that time to get away) you could even tack it in as an upgrade.
    Possibly a 4th tier of upgrades all around perhaps? maybe you want 12 reloads in that support pack, or that UAV to come with a random ammo drop, or even a 3rd ammo backpack, because lest face it, the moment you call in your second one…you die…..almost clockwork sometimes 3rd’s the charm right?

  • Jose Luis “Gardenia3021” Sonse

    I love Helldivers, I just need more alíens to kill some new planets and new guns and I will play everyday for the next 5 years.

  • Kouev

    Hi there !

    First, i want to congratulate you guys for the best coop online game i’ve played so far. Most of the game is balanced, and you can’t win a game without cooperate with your teammates, wich is a great job you’ve done here.I could carry on my compliments for quite long if my english wouldn’t be that poor…

    Anyway, if i come writing here, it’s cause for some weeks now, wars became useless to fight for, since more and more players joined the game ( wich is nice ! ) and territories are conquested so easily now. Wars are now like 6 days long, with average levels of 4/5… That leads to have no choice of the planet or dificulty level when the final assault begins, what comes almost immediately after war is declared to a race. I dont know if you get me, but The War is the only point in the game to play, and now it became such easy and pointless. And it’s sad. I guess some algorithm should be added or adjusted to match with the amount of players. Or something. You are the developpers . :)

    I hope you guys will read me, and may this post be useful to you.

    Keep this mind, i love the way you make games.


  • Ryan Smith

    Step 1: Add territories between each race where you can encounter 2 of the 3 races at once.
    Step 2: Level 13 difficulty
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Shut up and take my money!

  • How about a Nintendo Switch version?

  • Packer1909

    Is there a chance to have a 4vs4 pvp challenge!!?? :D

  • Mike

    The game is amazing, but needs stability and frame rate improvements on the Vita. It also crashes alot on the Vita.

  • michaeljedi

    I should of just put my guest name as michaeljedi because that’s my PSN name lol. Can anyone else help me out by asking for a improvement / stability update for the PS Vita? I love this game ALOT. I actually like it better than any other Vita game. But the frame rate and crashes is killing the fun. The audio glitches too.
    As for

  • michaeljedi

    As for DLC, I’d like a gunship Stratagem that you either can control, or call in. Maybe add mind control grenades as a perk. A new planet environment like gas planets, toxic planets, and add astroid rocks that you can play on that serve as like miny planets with less objectives just to add more variety to the game.

  • Alvaro

    Please add more races!! or some extra game mode like timetrials or required equiped weapon mode or something – the game needs something new!!

  • Asdf

    There is a massive war in the galaxy, and for humanity only the helldivers are fighting. Isn’t that awkward? I think if you add some Super Earth Armed Forces soldiers fighting with you in some planets, the game will be more realistic.

  • Quorzec

    Hey, Arrowhead Team,

    I have two accounts on my Playstation 3, one of which I’ve played Helldivers for a numerous amount of hours, and I’ve bought DLC content for the game—Reinforcement Pack 1, Reinforcement Pack 2, Specialist Pack, Ranger Pack, and the Weapons Pack. The problem is, I’ve heard that purchased DLCs transfer between accounts on your Playstation 3 system, yet on my second account, none of the DLC content I purchased has transferred. Help?

    • Hi Quorzec,

      I’m not sure where you have heard this, but it is sadly not true. DLC is an entitlement which is tied to the account of the individual which purchased it and cannot be shared between accounts. You can however “share” your DLC with local players on your console, provided the purchaser starts up the game and is actively logged into their PSN account. :)

      If you need any support help in the future you can always email our support address:

  • Pierre Martinent

    Hi! Today is 03/03/2017 and there is a “big” 1.3GB update, what is in there??

    • The patch notes can be found sticked at the top of the PlayStation and Steam forums :)

  • Denis Timin

    I’ve bought the game just a couple of days before steam 50% sale started, and I’m not even upset about that, the game is so good.
    Will definitely buy all future Helldivers titles, or (hopefully) dlc’s for this title.
    The possibilities for improvement are so endless, I’ve already seen tons of suggestions for improvements from your fans.
    It would be really great to see bigger worlds, more game-modes like capture a VIB (very important bug) or liberate a heavily guarded enemy base, or add NPC’s from Helldivers’ side to the battle, so it feels like a full-scale war going on.
    You’ve created a complete new universe with just one game.

    • Great to hear that you like our game and thank you for the support! :)

  • Aucilicus

    To diversify—and make more difficult—maps should be able to be procedurally generated in the true dark of night. There are flashlights that are attached to Helldiver helmets, make these flashlights stronger and have some maps a lot darker with the hostiles also tougher to see. Would be a great challenge!

  • Aucilicus

    Hey, Arrowhead Team (and community),

    I think it’d be great idea if more elemental-based weapons were introduced to the game—like the AR-14D ‘Paragon’ and the AC-3/5 Arc weapons (which deserve some slight buffs, by the way, considering they do require that charging-time). A few more plasma-based, venom-based, flame-based, shock-based, and even some future frost-based primary/stratagem weapons would make a fine addition to the game—not too many though—to balance out the overused kinetic and laser-based weapons.

    In example, like the AR-14D ‘Paragon’, an assault rifle that shoots incendiary rounds to go aside with the DBS-2 ‘Double Freedom’. Then frost-based weapons could come in, slowing down opponents—like venom-based weapons—and also drastically reducing attack speed (or even completely freezing opponents is a possibility).

    And it’s also not a bad idea to add in more weapons in the machine-gun class! Helldivers already has a great selection of weapons to choose upon, but by a year’s passing, I think the game should see to having more creative ways to liberate the galaxy!

  • Redwalljp

    I’ve been playing this game with friends and we are having a great time.
    Unfortunately, there are two limitations that would be better if they were removed.

    1. Please make participation in the galactic campaign optional. My friends and I only have a limited window in which to play each week. I enjoy participation in the campaign, but most of the time when my friends and I play together, only the aliens’ home worlds are available which means we cannot play in other sectors, unlock strategems, or see how the other sectors play out.

    2. This is less of a problem, but please allow each player to play on their own screen. Limiting everyone to the same play area often means you suddenly get attacked by something you can’t see because you are near the edge of the screen and the enemy is off screen. Players are also either held back by slower players or are constantly being pulled forward by the screen limitation. At least please make that an option so people can have the freedom of moving separately if they wish.

    • Hi Redwalljp, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we won’t be changing these two things as they are a pretty big part of the games mechanics. We want players to be on the same screen because it adds another level of difficulty to the game and forces teamwork. The same goes for the GC – we want to promote community teamwork and this is one way which forces players to work together. :)

  • Conrado Polzoni

    I love this game, please give us that in xbox One to :(

  • Aucilicus

    The LAS-13 ‘Trident’ sure takes the “difficulty” out of the picture! It needs a real nerf, for proof, let’s compare and contrast the gun to its closest sibling, the Sickle!

    The Sickle has a fairly quick rate at reaching its heat-limit, it shoots only one laser—with a decently fast rate of fire—, incredible range (easily off-screen capable), and with precision accuracy surpassing the likes of William Tell’s skills with a bow. Now, the Trident, its rate at reaching its heat-limit is *lesser* than that of the Sickle’s, but it can shoot up to *6+* lasers at a time! Yes, its rate of fire is lesser (by ever-so-slightly), but that doesn’t balance its damage capability! With up to 6+ lasers at a time, there’s virtually no need to be accurate in the game anymore, or the usefulness of range at all too, with this weapon it literally—with great imbalance—devastates all hostiles on the battlefield. It takes a Level 12 ‘Helldive’ mission, down to a Level 8; patrols stand no damn chance against this gun.

    Nerf the Trident’s damage (or the number of lasers shot, it’s a TRIdent, not a HEXad), and heat capacity. Remember, the Trident can shoot up to *6+* lasers with a nearly identical rate of fire to the Sickle, yet the Sickle only shoots *1* laser and its heat capacity is lesser. Logic? Its great that the Trident is free for everyone, it really helps the novice-side of the community, but with this gun fully upgraded (and knowing of its destructive capability, it *will* be fully upgraded by everyone), it really makes it quite too easy than what Helldivers was prior to the gun’s release to the public.

    Its time to encourage players to play with all of what the game has to offer in terms of weapons and hand-held weapon-stratagems, instead of just the Trident. Right now, it probably even beats out the LAS-98 Laser Cannon in power capability, and that stratagem beams a *massive* laser!

  • Just a fan

    I played h.d for some time.
    I really enjoyed the gameplay so funny in a way.
    I highly recommand some updates or at least the hope for updates.
    I dunno if its my place to say, i dont see why no pvp like 3 four-men-squads fight each others where there is enemies alongside.
    Or more bad-ass races or funny ones.
    Or rare enemies.
    Looking forward for more
    The game is not that addicting :) .

  • you gamer

    when come helldivers 2 i want it for f2p

  • Sumofo99

    Could you add ‘Reinforce’ to the missions report so I can finally see how many people I revived.

    Also could you add a weapon similar to Dead Space’s ‘Contact Beam’. I just feel the need to charge shot a Hulks ribcage open, ya know.

    • Thank you for your suggestions :) While we can’t promise anything will be added to the the game, we do take note of them.

  • Matthew Cartwright

    Is this game still being added to?
    Helldivers has become one of my
    favourite games of all time and is one of the few games I would
    immediately purchase more DLCs or expansion packs for. If I heard that
    you were considering adding more game types, more interesting mechanics,
    more players per map or ANYTHING like that I don’t think there is
    another game that could hype me that much!
    Is there any possibility of seeing any new additions to this game in the near (or even far) future?

    • Hi Matthew,

      We can’t really discuss plans regarding Helldivers unfortunately, but when and if there are any announcements we will be sure to let the whole community know :) It’s great to see you so excited about our game though, and we appreciate all of your support and love for Helldivers! :D

      • Matthew Cartwright

        Thanks for responding!

  • Aucilicus

    Why not a community contest on the best ideas on new breeds for each of the three hostile alien races that could be added in game? We can give the ideas: attacks, movements, etc. and offer a minimal insight on the design and look of the breeds; the more ideas the developers take, the more they can make!

    • A community contest is a nice idea but we don’t want to promise the community something that we can’t deliver on!

  • Steven

    maybe add a local play on vita?

    probably my favorite game.