Helldivers FAQ and Resources

We will try and keep this FAQ as updated as possible with all the latest relevant and useful information

What is the Galactic Campaign and how does it work?

By playing Helldivers, every player (both PC and PlayStation players) in the world participates in the same global meta-campaign called the Galactic Campaign. Each time a player completes a planet their progress is uploaded and their contribution to the Galactic Campaign will be registered.

From time to time, the enemy will try to counterattack, spawning events where you have to defend a city planet from invading enemies. These events give double experience, and should the community fail to defend a planet, the region will be lost. The challenge of the campaign is dependent on the performance of the entire community in the previous campaign.

The Galactic Campaign takes player numbers into account when attack or defend events are created. The difficulty also scales to how well the players have been doing. If players win wars and events then the events get more difficult, and if the players lose then the events get easier – all to create a fair game where both outcomes are possible.

The players, Humanity, has been doing extremely well for a long time and so it has slowly been ramping up. Most of all wars have been won. Now that the game has been out for a year and there is a smaller player base, the campaign and events should scale by itself to match the players. We will of course also keep a close eye on it in case something needs a change.

Will it have local multiplayer/online play and is there a single player offline mode?

Helldivers offers 1 – 4 player both local and online co-op multiplayer for both PC and PlayStation. You can also play the game offline with 1-4 local players, however when played offline, mission progress will not contribute to the global Galactic Campaign.

If you are playing on PlayStation you can play using any combination of PlayStation systems, for example you can have two players on the PS4, one on the PS3 and one on the PS VITA. There is no cross-play between PC and PlayStation.

Helldivers DLC

If you own the Helldivers game, but not the deluxe edition, there is a Mega Bundle in the store which will give you all the DLCs in one big pack, saving some money.

You can also buy DLCs separately in smaller packs if you would only like to purchase one or two packs and not the full bundle. Check the store for the full list of options!

Helldivers DLC is sold as an entitlement, meaning that only the primary account which purchased the DLC is able to use it, but DLC can also be shared with other local players while in the same game.

When purchasing the Helldivers DLC, please note that the regions of both the game and the DLC packs need to match in order to use it. For example, you will not be able to play if you have purchased the Asian DLC bundle and are playing with the European version of the game.