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About Arrowhead

Arrowhead Game Studios a small, friendly and tight-knit collection of individuals all with different backgrounds and experiences.

Founded in 2009 in northern Sweden, the company is now conveniently located in the beautiful city of Stockholm. With the near proximity to nature, the city centre and great communications, both indie and AAA developers are are often drawn to Stockholm’s progressive and inclusive atmosphere.

To date Arrowhead have released four games in total. We are best known for creating games in the co-op and top-down genre, such as Magicka and Helldivers. We have also worked with a number of different publishers like Warner Brothers, Sony and Paradox Interactive.

Over the years the team has grown substantially, as has the number of jobs roles. From the original 5 founders to now just under 30, we have been featured as a Swedish Gazelle Company – a recognition of strong growth. Now we are moving on to our next project and looking to grow once again. The next Arrowhead game aims to be bigger and better than the last, which is why we need you!

Our Positions

We have a number of different positions available which you can find at the top of the page.

We generally do not have any application closing date as it’s extremely important for us to find the right candidate, regardless of how long the process takes.

Arrowhead is primarily interested in long term jobs and employment. We are not a project-based studio and prefer to have full-time employees. We feel that this contributes to a better work environment, a feeling of stability and builds stronger internal relationships.

Our Candidates

Since Arrowhead is a small studio our employees need to be somewhat flexible in their roles. During busier periods you may be helping out where needed within your department. You may find yourself playing a supporting role to other colleagues, helping to mentor interns or assisting your Lead. Generally employees are given a high level of freedom with emphasis on autonomy.

We also look for candidates who have all of the mandatory traits: responsibility, good communication skills and a burning passion to create games. Ideally we want the candidate to feel comfortable and join in from day one. That can mean embracing the rather eccentric Arrowhead humour from time to time…

Our Culture

Employees receive a number of perks, such as breakfasts throughout the week, Friday Beers, ergonomic equipment and paid vacation. There are plans to increase employee perks in the future to include things like monthly massages and more company outings.

The office environment is an important aspect of working at Arrowhead, which is why we are soon moving to new premises. We hope that the new office environment will be light and spacious, better suiting our employees’ needs. Bigger meeting rooms, more relaxation rooms and cooler gaming rooms are just a few new design additions.

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