Enemy Designer & Scripter

If you think enemies are more than just “PEW PEW LAZERS!” then this might just be the right job for you. We’re looking for someone to create an engaging player experience for our next AAA game.

We are looking for a talented designer with scripting skills to become our next Enemy Designer. You will be joining a close-knit working team set on creating a captivating, and most importantly, a fun player experience.

About the job

In this role you will design and script enemy behaviours to create varied, memorable and challenging encounters, focusing on facilitating emergent gameplay. You will work together with our AI programmers, Game Directors, as well as other development teams to help make the game’s enemy vision a reality. This is both a technical and creative role in which you will be responsible for designing, prototyping and implementing our enemies.

Each team member at Arrowhead has an important influence on the game and is involved in the decision-making process. We offer a driven and creative environment where small groups work independently within cross-disciplinary feature teams. It is crucial that you can plan and manage your own work efficiently, and also have strong collaboration skills.

Your responsibilities

  • Design and script enemy behaviours to create fun and exciting gameplay in a variety of situations.
  • Work together with your team to create compelling player/enemy engagements.
  • Collaborate iteratively with all feature teams to implement enemies that adhere to the game’s vision, as well as tune enemies based on feedback and play tests.
  • Take part in planning schedules and defining deliverables with your team.
  • Take part in frequent play testing, gather feedback and work to find solutions.
  • Help to write and maintain documentation, design and concept documents when needed, to share enemy mechanics and ideas in a useful way.

More about you

We’re looking for an individual who has a particular passion for the gameplay between player and enemy in games. You thrive in an environment of explorative and iterative development, working in close collaboration with your own team and other disciplines. Your background could be either technical or creative, and you are motivated by overcoming obstacles in you work.

As an optimistic member of the studio you enjoy receiving and discussing feedback, testing solutions and creating something great together. Ideally you have a few years of experience as a scripter or technical designer for big game projects and would like to move to a personal studio with a grand vision.

Our requirements

  • At least a few years of game design experience, preferably design on co-op titles.
  • Proficient in one or more game editors such as Unreal Engine or Unity.
  • Good understanding of game design fundamentals and what makes enemies enjoyable, interesting and fair but challenging for players.
  • Scripting experience, preferably non-visual scripting like LUA, json, XML, etc.
  • Experience from shipping at least one title, preferably AAA-level scope.
  • Basic C/C++ coding understanding.
  • Willingness to take design direction, cooperate between teams, brainstorm and come up with creative solutions.
  • Ability and willingness to learn tools, new scripting languages and middleware applications.
  • Effective collaboration and communication skills with the ability to stay organized.
  • Good English communication skills (verbal and written).

Bonus qualifications

  • Intermediate programming skills.
  • Knowledge of design disciplines outside of enemy design – including level-building, gameplay systems and narrative.
  • Experience developing and shipping AAA console games.
  • Experience as a Senior Scripter or Senior Technical Designer for a full development cycle on a shipped AAA game.
  • Experience developing for co-op and online multiplayer games.

Practical information

Scope: Full-time and permanent
Reports to:
Location: Stockholm

If you think that this position matches your background and skills, we would love to hear from you. We ask that your application always include relevant work samples or a link to your portfolio.
To apply for this position please fill out the form below and include your resume, a brief cover letter, and portfolio/work samples. Alternatively, you can email us at jobs@arrowheadgs.com

In your application, please focus on why your skills and experiences would be great for this role and why you would like to join Arrowhead Game Studios. We interview candidates continuously and hire when we find a good fit, so it is recommended you apply as soon as possible.

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We are now working on our biggest and most ambitious project to date. If you want to be part of a driven and friendly team with a family feeling, then Arrowhead is the place to be!

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