General Artists

Artists at Arrowhead tend to be generalists but can have a specialization in a specific area.

Although we are primarily after artists with an Environment Art background, we work in a very flexible manner. Our artists often to work on different aspects of the game and need to be able to jump from place to place, which is why we ask that artists are comfortable helping out across all fields; be it 2D, Environment, Particle FX or Character art.

We look for candidates that have experience working in games development, preferably a few years. This is primarily to ensure that those applying are able to fit in to a team and provide solid assets from day one. Artists are required to work closely with all parts of development and so strong communication and team skills are essential.

We ask that all artists do our art test (available here). It’s great if you can do this before applying, but we realize you may be busy with a current position so you can always drop us an email first.


  • Experience with art for AAA game projects
  • Excellent understanding of Maya, PBR Workflow, and AAA engines such as Unreal Engine 4
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Strong understanding of form, composition, silhouette and lighting
  • Ability to work independently to bring an asset from start to finish
  • Flexibility to work and adapt to different art tasks
  • Ability and willingness to learn tools, middleware applications and scripting
  • Burning passion for games and games development

Bonus Qualities

  • Side projects such as indie-titles, mods or equivalent
  • Knowledge of other major art packages such as Z-Brush
  • Experience with tools such as Substance Designer and Quixel Suite or equivalent
  • Understanding of shaders, either node based construction or code (hlsl)
  • Experience with Particle FX
  • Programming skills

Please Note

This job listing is for a full-time position, therefore we are unfortunately not accepting any freelancers and you must be able to relocate to Sweden. If you live outside of the country, please also be aware that we are unable to provide help with the relocation costs and you must have a valid working permit in place when applying.

To contact us please fill out the form below and include your CV, cover letter, portfolio or any other relevant material of interest. Alternatively you can email us at

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There is no deadline for the applications, the positions will stay open until we find the right candidates with the best fit for the company.

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