Calle Winberg
The making of game art

Working as an artist at a game studio often requires more from you than drawing a pretty picture or making sprites in Photoshop once in a while since a lot of games these days are in 3d.

For a lot of people, making 3d objects for games and films is pretty hard to wrap your head around and it is also very hard to explain to people how it works, as Rob wrote in a previous post about Visual effects for games. (So how do you paint smoke?)
With this post, I’m going to try and cover another part of game graphics and hopefully straighten out a few question marks around the modelling of a 3d object.
With a few steps and images, I will show you the making of this car!

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Mikael Bauer
Turn it up to 11!

Proper volume

So it’s my turn to post something nifty on the blog and as usual the preparations have been perfect. Initially I had an idea of writing something cool about a new tech or a fancy implementation (I’m a programmer after all) but then life happened and time ran short. So I’m going to write a bit about my main hobby interest (besides from hanging around Plattan), which is to make noise in a somewhat rhythmic pattern.

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Therese Jansson
Working at Arrowhead (from an artist’s point of view)

I often get the question; “What’s it like working at Arrowhead?”

Now I know that I can only talk about this from my own point of view as an artist, but I think that some of my coworkers would agree on the answer I have for that question.

The usual and very short answer would be “Awesome!”, “Great!” or “I love it!”. But that would not make much of a blog post so I’ll try to give a more in depth description below.

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Kalle Sjöström
A New Hope

In October last year, me and Peter began having nightmares about the foundation which The Showdown Effect code was written upon. This all started when the authors of it had left the building and the one who could see through all the fog was shot in the crotch by our lead artist and we never saw him again… This gave us massive aneurisms when we began implementing hot join in The Showdown Effect.

During the gaps of rage and despair, we began thinking and discussing ways we would write our own foundation for future projects (assuming that we would still use the Bitsquid engine). We dreamt of structure and rules, nicely ordered messages, separated data and event replication, basically adopting fascism. During evenings and weekends we began hacking away, building our new hope; The Arrowhead Code Foundation.

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Rob Tatnell
So how do you paint smoke?

It’s that situation again. I’m sat chatting to someone completely new, who doesn’t “get” video games and I have to explain to them what my job involves. It’s a bit better I think for environment or character artists, and perhaps even animators; but explaining how visual FX work, and what they are, is often a bit tricky.

Below is a slightly more in-depth description, as I’m assuming if you’re reading this post, you “get” video games. Hopefully by the end of it you won’t have that glassy-distant stare of someone who’s stopped listening about two words after I started speaking…
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Patrik Lasota
Cooking, like a gamer

I play a lot of games, probably more than anyone else in the office. One could say playing games is one of my biggest hobbies, and another would be cooking. Not the kind of cooking you see on TV when they make the perfect steak, or some advanced 50 stage piece of duck. No, I like “Experimental Cooking”, the kind of cooking where you try new things, play around with crazy combinations and explore how different tastes go together. One could probably learn all that I have discovered in a book, by no means am I the first to find these crazy combinations or weird techniques, but discovering them for myself gives me a sense of satisfaction. (I once discovered that Tabasco flavoured popcorn is probably the greatest thing in the world, only to find out that it was actually a thing, sort of.).

But time is tight and it’s often hard to find time for a proper meal if you want to get a few hours of gaming in during your evening. Therefore I have developed a few special recipes for proper food, done the easy way. And I will share one of them below.


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Carl Brännström
I do not MUD.

MUD? What the hell is that? Some kind of game?? DON’T GO THERE!!!

I only like games where you can kick the shit out of people! Chivalry, Dark Messiah, Wolfenstein, Dark Souls, Duke Nuke’em 3D – in all these games, you have a certain kick-activation power. You can boot a guy down from a cliff, into a wall, or just ruin people’s shit. View full post…

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Peter Lindgren
Do you MUD?

MUD is an acronym for Multi User Dungeon, it’s essentially a text-based MMORPG. They’ve been around ever since the 80′s, first only at universities but when the interwebs spread in the 90′s it became available for most of us.

MUDs are heavily inspired by traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. The MMORPG Everquest (released 1999) drew a lot of inspiration from MUDs. I’m sure the evolution will continue when we’re all inside the Matrix, hacking down ogres and looting treasures.

There is a particular charm to text-based gaming, you use your imagination a lot like with books and you can essentially play it on anything that connects to the internet.

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Jim Svanberg
Lunch speed-painting

One of the best things about working at a rad game studio is that you are surrounded by people with the same interests as yourself. And since I’m an artist, I love to paint (shocker). As do my fellow artists here at Arrowhead. So every Tuesday during the lunch hour, we digest our lunches (may or may not be from McDonald’s) and then we’ll grab our styluses and indulge in a thirty minute speed-painting session.

Speed-painting is just a popular term for doing a usually timed, rather quick, painting. The great thing about speed-painting, except that it is just plain fun, is that when you distill your painting session down to about 20-30 minutes, it is really much easier to get a grip on your own workflow. And thus, improve it! View full post…

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Malin Hedström
The Showdown Effect beta starts today!

Today we are massively excited to let you all in to the beta of our upcoming multiplayer 2.5D action-hero slaughter fest! All players who preorder the game will be given instant access to the Beta that starts today, January 31. The game will be available for pre-purchase On this page right here.
Now, our acion-hero friends, will you be getting The Showdown Effect or Digital Deluxe Edition of The Showdown Effect?

Those who have been chosen from the earlier beta sign-ups at will be gradually invited to the beta period and those that pre-order will join the ranks immediately and receive several other bonuses like weapon skins and new characters. Psst…there’s a special Magicka robe for the Deluxe Edition!

Also today, there’s the chance to follow a tournament of The Showdown Effect, streamed live from PDXCon in Reykjavik at 4 p.m. GMT (8 a.m. PST) on Twitch TV. This is going to be a major event with special guests like YouTube personalities Angry Joe, NorthernLion, Rage Gaming, and of course – Arrowhead’s Johan Pilestedt. The full press release of publisher Paradox Interactive is found Here.

Fight to the death, or die trying!

The Showdown Effect

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