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Johan Pilestedt
Helldivers post-launch and a Huge Thank You

We are honoured to have received such a warm and welcoming reaction from the HELLDIVERS community. In the last few weeks we have been flooded with messages of love and support for our game. There are not enough ways to … Continue reading

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Malin Hedström

What an overwhelmingly excited response we’ve gotten from the HELLDIVERS release date announcement! To answer a bunch of your most pressing questions we’ve put together this Q&A with the most common ones. Have a look if yours has been answered … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tips: A Sound Designer’s portfolio

So for a while now we’ve been asking you guys to send in your questions to us via our Facebook post (don’t hesitate to send more!). Due to the quality and nature of the questions we have decided to split them … Continue reading

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Rob Tatnell
Artist Applications – Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Internet People! My name’s Rob, I’m an Art Director here at Arrowhead. We get a lot of applications for artist positions, and I’m the guy who usually sits down and reviews them. It takes quite a bit of time, … Continue reading

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Malin Hedström
We’re back! (We weren’t really gone though)

A brand new year! Doesn’t 2015 sound so much more future than 2014? Isn’t it time for travels to Mars, exoskeletons, food in pill form and hoverboards? We think it’s a great year for releasing games. Maybe a sci-fi future … Continue reading

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Malin Hedström
Gauntlet: First screenshots

Now at four days after the Gauntlet announcement we’re absolutely thrilled about the response we’ve received from fans as well as press. I won’t get long-winded this time but leave you with our very first released screenshots of our four … Continue reading

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Malin Hedström
We proudly bring back GAUNTLET!

All the latest news heard about Arrowhead has been of our upcoming game Helldivers with Sony, but today we are thrilled to finally announce our other project together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. We give you GAUNTLET, our completely modernized … Continue reading

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Johan Pilestedt
Our new game: HELLDIVERS!

You may know Arrowhead Game Studios from our previous games like Magicka and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment and Foster City Studios to create our next game! So, for all of you … Continue reading

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Niklas Malmborg
The perfect scene

You’ve probably seen hundreds of scenes in movies where the hero, the animal, or the monster does some really advanced manouver and pulls it off perfectly… almost too perfectly… In some scenes you really see how the director took 80 … Continue reading

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Calle Winberg
The making of game art

Working as an artist at a game studio often requires more from you than drawing a pretty picture or making sprites in Photoshop once in a while since a lot of games these days are in 3d. For a lot … Continue reading

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